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Thread: North Leeds

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    yup, 6.30 new pudsey station is fine

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    Err, I seem to have done somehting to my back on the rowing machine at the gym this morning. It might be fine by tomorrow, but it might not....I can meet you there with a map if I can't ride :-)

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    Sounds nasty :-( Hope it mends soon. If it turns out that you can't make it tomorrow, I *think* I have a book with a suitable length route round Pudsey, so we could do that instead (although we'll have to stop to navigate). I'll check tonight and post back here tomorrow.Neil

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    I won't be able to check this thread on Thursday, so if there are any changes, I'm on 07940 124457.

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    I'm really sorry but I can't ride tonight.I'll meet you there with a map marked up if it will help.Appologies once again.If somone rings Jhon can they post here otyherwise I'll ring him this afternoon.

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    Thanks for telling us FB. Shame you can't come playing out :-( Does it seem to be getting any better? Anyways, I had a look through my guide book - there is a route round Pudsey, and it goes straight past the station. 10 miles, medium difficulty, estimated at 1.5 hours.It's from 'Mountain Bike Guide - West Yorkshire' by Nick Dutton-Taylor. I've not done the route before, but the others in the book have been of a *very* high standard (the bingley bash appears here - I think it's the origin of this route).Does anyone have any experience of this Route? if so, what's it like?It seems a bit of a hassle for FB to turn up just to give us a route. We can save that for another time when FB's better! What do you think? I'll check back here later on and phone John with the details.For now I'll assume the meet point is still the same - 6.30pm New Pudsey Station.Neil

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    chris Kelly
    Hi guy's. I seem to have buggered the front brakes on my bike (and those of you out last thursday will have experienced my excellent braking skills, as I skidded allong that farm track!). Providing I can get them fixed before 6.30, I'll see you at pudsey too, ok?Chris.

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    Brakes? who needs em?BTW - on closer inspection, the route i've got doesn't go right past the satation - just close to it. Still not far to ride tho...

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    chris Kelly
    its not that i need them per se, more the fact that the front wheel won't spin at the moment!

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    Oh... any idea what's wrong then?

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    chris Kelly
    i squahes the bike into the back seat of my car the other day and now the right hand side brake pad constantly presses againt the rim. I think I can see the problem, but I couldn't deal with it at midnight last night.

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    chris Kelly
    i squashed the bike into the back seat of my car the other day and now the right hand side brake pad constantly presses againt the rim. I think I can see the problem, but I couldn't deal with it at midnight last night.

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    either your tensions have messed up (wind in the tension screw slightly on that side, wind out slightly on other side)or move brake'll take 5 mins max.

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    I'm quite tempted to borrow my mates saracen (jeyboy roadie with no MTB of my own) and come out with you lot next week.Anyone fancy a ride monday night? Meeting within riding distance of Hedingley?

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    BA - I live in Headingley. I can show you the route we did last week...

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    Cool.I'll pencil that in my diary.

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    Julian (aka Tom) Thomas
    Hard ride on Thursday night guys - but well worth doing! ThanksIt's late now and the nettles are still stinging after a full bottle of red :-)Is next Thursday North Leeds night?

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    Yup, cheers for a tough but enjoyable ride :-) Thursday's fine wi' me. Any suggestions for routes? Unfortunately we'll have to bear in mind what steve said - nights are drawing in so we'll have to think about pegging the distance back a little bit :-(or buy some lights of course :-)Neil

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    chris Kelly
    cheers for a great ride guys. feeling slowly returning to the many areas of my body that were stung! I'm away next thursday, but i'll keep my eye out for other rides.

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    I'm sorry to have missed it :-(

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