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Thread: North Leeds

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    Richard Hart
    One good thing about turning round and returning the same way as we went.If you can remember the mud hole where Neil went up to his knee, well on the way back there was a Land Rover stuck in there up to it's front wheel arches. Made my day. (Until I got back to the car)

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    This weeks nightride is the Headingley loop, which we've done before. It's about 15 miles and reasonably flat (a couple of short sharp climbs though), should take a couple of hours to get round.We'll be starting from the war memorial in Headingley, which is between the oak and skyrack pubs, adjacent to St Michael's church. There's parking around the church, down StMichael's lane or in the carpark for the Oak.">streetmap link7 pm kick off.beers / letching at students afterwardsI was out on some of the route yesterday and the mud factor still seems fine, even after the bit of rain we had at the weekend."

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    Senior Member Jonathan Hodd's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    North Yorkshire
    Looks like i'll be out again, despite the fact i should be sat at home eating twice my body weight in pancakes

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    and so will i on a bike considerably more suited for this style of riding - Al

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    sorry can't make it over there in time :-(Hopefully see you the week after.Cheers, Badger / Thoth

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    Julian Thomas
    NeilI can't make Tuesday either, which is a bit annoying as I really like a bit of student letching! I'm pretty good at it too - if I say so myself!

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    So who's out tonight then?Roachy?Tim?Jon?Al?Steve G / M ?

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    helloI'm trying to get out more on my bike and was wondering if i might join you this evening...? What sort of speed do you do? is it fast or fun.cheersjohn

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    Senior Member Jonathan Hodd's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    North Yorkshire
    if you're worried about us going too fast, you'll probably not be any slower than me!

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    well it was not really what type of bike to bring out? Play bike or cross country bike?cheersjohn

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    Julian Thomas
    Stephen G has just telphoned me - he will not be out this evening he still has a cold :-(

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    Hi John, Probably best on an XC bike for tonight, although anything serviceable will do! Sorry to hear steve G is still under the weather.

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    im definitely out tonight new bike to abuse and all that.....

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    Richard, TimMI think I got two more people for our team - their going to get back to me tommorrow - couple from STW, problem is I sent the form off already but the general concensus is that we can swap from Sport Mens categorie to Mixed.Anyway it means the event is a bit cheaper - since you've both sent me your cheques (and the two of them haven't confirmed they want the places yet) I'll wait till they say yes and then send you both cheques for the difference (9 each I think).Oh and Richard could you email me your phone number and date of birth (I had to guess it for the form - not that it matters much as long as your over 18!)Cheers, Badger / Andy

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    Yep, I'll be there tonightAndy - good news re team members, let's hope our entry is accepted.

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    Don't know if anyone is interested but J.D. Cycles in Ilkley are doing a C2C in 24hrs on Sunday 29th June if anyone is interested.Free transport there and back, accomodation for the night is 22.50 each and you'll need to raise a min of 50 in sponsorship.It's 127 miles an 13000 of climbing but I think that it will mainly be on road :-(I've put my name down for it as it sounds like a challenge. If you want more info ring JD's on 01943 816101

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    Hmmm, that sounds very interesting! 13k of climbing? That'll be fun!

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    13000 meters or feet (usually feet) but if its meters thats 1 1/2 time the height of Everest! (13,000 ft is still 1/2 of everest!)How did the ride go last night? sorry I couldn't make it.Badger / Thoth

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    That'll be feet then ;-)

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    Senior Member Jonathan Hodd's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    North Yorkshire
    lol yes i think so ride went well - top route!carlton - i'd forgotten just how damned fine your lumis were!

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