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    Excellent consumer review of the Orange Patriot, just the kind of information a potential purchaser needs to know.

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    i lik cooky! hated by all, loved by, well... no-one
    well if it DOES crack under stress i think people have a right to know.......i mean it's supposed to be a quality frame, for 1000 you'd expect it to be able to take a beating, quality British engineering and all that.

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    Rowan All is well when you ride your bike!
    Look you talking aboput a reveiew from dan-e-jones, the troll with a thousand guises, don't listen to him or his advice. You got it DON'T LISTEN TO HIM .

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    Dan (part time sniper)
    <sneeks in>so we HAVE to listen to him, is that what your saying ?<sneeks off>

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    Andy, what's wrong with that one in particular? The other two are just as useless. They seem to have been written by clueless adolescents who've never been closer to a Patriot than thumbing the pictures in a curiously sticky copy of MBUK.

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    Senior Member Barry B's Avatar
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    For one moment, just one tiny spec of a moment, I thought we had someone in our midst starting a posative thread about the reviews section.

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    Tim D (the D stands for Destructo!!!!)
    there should be introduced a 50 word minimum for reviews, and a membership rating system to know whether the reviewer sucks or not!

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    People always seem to write the review just after they have decided which shiny bit to buy, laid out the cash and been for a spin round the block. Of course they're not gonna admit they were wrong, and if it was an expensive bit, chances are they haven't ridden similar bits from different manufacturers much.There should be a minimum mileage / hours of use and an intelligence meter which long-time trusted members can vote on. But those would be impossible to enforce.....

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    Anthony Lee
    I agree with Tim

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