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    I am just wondering, after another cool and hair raising blast round the local trails, how and why people have made the changes in biking from rigid to suspension.After years of riding fully rigid and laughing at full and front suspended bikes, some 6 years ago I bought a pair of quadra 21's to see what all the fuss was about.It transformed my riding, and I progressed up to my dream bike (A ZaskarLe with pace forks and the odd xt and xtr bit on it) Now this was my ideal bike and I had a year of amazing riding and still thought that full suspension was for wimps who couldn't handle having to pick lines through the rough stuff etc etc.About 12 months ago, my mate bought his new bike and at the time, the best bike for the money happened to be a heckler.I was a bit amused at his choice to go full suss, but then I had a ride.... Oh dear, my zaskar wasn't much fun anymore. So, whilst there isn't really any point to this thread, I now own a superlight and have never had as much fun riding as I do now, which is strange considering I scoffed at all the full suss riders for so many years and didn't realise how much fun a good suspension bike can be.One thing though, is that I now get strange looks and comments from people outside the cycling world who are amazed by the fact that I have spent virtually all my money on bikes for years, and now I have a nice bike, I am called a snob, even though it comes back from every ride, having been given a hard time up and down hills and in need of a good wash.Having said all that, I am in the middle of building the Zaskar back up fully rigid to have a go at trails...Aint the cycling life strange lol

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    I think it's horses for courses Adam. Well, that and the fact that people like different things. As far as your mate's bike goes, it might be more accurate to say that In his opinion at the time, the best bike for the money happened to be a heckler" mightn't it? People are always going to look for slightly different things from their bike, I suppose that's why there are so many models out there. There are some things for which a FS bike is more suited and some for which a hardtail/rigid is more suited, at the end of the day it's just personal preference. I wouldn't scoff at anyone for riding either, myself. I still reckon the rider is the most important part of the bike."

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    Hi Alistair, thanks for your response. I suppose I was pointing out my own naivety towards other bikes during all the years I avoided suspension, and yes I very much agree that it's the rider that is the biggest part of any bike..

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    Nicky Birkin
    I recently got my old Kona Hahana back on the road - only the frame and rigid forks are the original. The first time I rode it I couldn't believe how fast it was, not that my other bike is a slug (front sus stumpjumper). In all this gloop we've been subjected to rigid forks have been a bonus, although going downhill at speed does make your arms suffer. I'd recommend riding a rigid bike, it helps sharpen your skills - although I will be going back to suspension if the ground ever dries out!.

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