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Thread: Bas is dead

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    May his trolly soul rest in peace.And may he continue trolling on the MBUK forum, p*ssing off grommets.

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    Phatboy da silvery Marmot
    You couldn't even spell his name right for his epitath (sp?!) either. The indignity of it all, what a way to go.

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    I know. But he goes trolling in a better place.Woah is me.

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    Marlon da evil black Marmot

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    Senior Member Dylan Lang's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Baaamay he troll in peace in a better place (the MBUK forum)

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    Phatboy da silvery Marmot

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    does that mean no more goats cheese... the horror.farewell and thanks for all the fish..baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    Senior Member Baa Kid K's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    Au revoir, but not farewell, for I *shall* return!Baa

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    Anne Brown
    BaaI always thought he was a lamb.

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