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    Just wondering if anyone can help me with some uni. work....I've got to do a project on urban sustainability issues and I think I might do something on cycle lanes here in Nottingham.So does anyone have any ideas / issues that I could focus on...

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    students... dontcha love 'em...i'd focus on cycle lanes in nottingham and their role in helping create a better environment and community. their function in a modern city and the inherent problems of trying to convince people to use them and forsake their beloved cars. how they can aid young people to develop as cyclists and encourage families to participate in bike journeys, thus cutting down on pollution by car use.oh yeah... do your own work you slacker.*herm*

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    How about recording the percentage usage of both roads and cycle lanes, and compare the usage of cycle lanes and bike parks to off road use. Then finally, see if you can tie in a correlation between the figures for off road usage, bike lane usage, car road usage and pollution to see if bikes actually harm the stability/sustainability of the environment by going off road, and see if you can tie this in with pollution content, and the governments idea to get more people cycling.phew.....

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    Also, bear in mind the amount of room used to drive and park cars in city centres, and compare it to the amount used by cyclists, cycle lanes and cycle paths. This could also tie in with the pollution side, and the fact we're turning into an obese nation.After that, realise that there are too many people in this country, build a nuke and drop it on a major city.Time to get off my high horse!

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    As you need to cover urban sustainability look at why the cycle lanes were created in the first place (commuter routes, leisure routes, other, or was the council just getting rid of some money at the end of the year and didn't really think about the intended use) and then see whether they are fulfilling their aims. Then you could look at other facilities linked to the cycle lanes eg. if they've put a cycle lane in to link a residential area with a shopping area have they included any secure parking for when you get there!(thus encouraging people to spend money locally)Are they trying to be sustainable (both environmentally and economically) or just pretending that they care and shoving cycle lanes where rate payers will see them and think don't we have a loving, caring and sustainable council working for the good of the environment and the local people"!! Not knowing Nottingham I couldn't say which."

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    Swampy (Beer, Lots of BEER)
    PARP.that's what I think cheaky chappy.

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    Swampy (Beer, Lots of BEER)
    No realy when you have done it post it up so we can all have a read and let you know what we think and if you will get a high mark for it.

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    How about working out how much business is lost, or time wasted in the UK by students mailing companies and asking for help with projects.

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    Dan (PMJ rents me to Tory MP's)
    lol @ brantdo yer own work james, some of us have work to do as well, with out doing yours !!!nah

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    Cycle Lanes are a waste of money...well up here they are, the Council has spent hundreds of thousands on the bloody things and they go unused...because they are full of litter and crap that damage the bikes...I dunno what you could do...

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    Dish some dirt. I don't know Nottingham, but I'm guessing it's bike lanes are as cack as they are everywhere else. So find out who designed them and ask those people whether they actually ride bikes. If the answer is no (which it will be), ask them whether they designed the lanes for the convience of cyclists or drivers, or whether they even thought that deeply about it. If you don't get the sort of sensationalist answers you want, then make some up. If you think the whole thing still needs some spicing up, hire some tart to claim that she had kinky sex with the designer on the day that the lanes were opened. It's not difficult to get hold of one of these girls, I usually go for someone out of Pimps stable, his prices for fellow bikers are usually pretty good, too. Finally, try to implicate a celebrity in the whole sordid thing. Footballers are usually pretty good targets and god knows, they deserve it! (Not Beckham, he's too popular at the moment. He'll lose you sympathy. We'll be there when he slips up though.)Oh boy, I love my job....

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    You could tie in the fact that Nottingham City council is going to charge every business in the City 400 for each carparking space they have. Get some feedback from the Boots Company - they are not happy having specifically built a site out of the city centre because of the traffic issues. How much of this tax (as the costs will be inevitably past to the employee) will be spent on integrated transport allowing the employee's to find alternative methods of getting to work. Nottingham tries to sell a reputation as a cycle friendly city - my ar*e

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    I think cycle lane are designed by drivers to get cyclist off roads and discourage people to cycle.They take you off the line of the road and then when you come to a road junction your supposed to get off and walk across, making you journey time and mileage longer.In Worcester they have shared footpath/cycleways, Bumpy surfaces, manholes every 100 mts, and not well signed, and one stretch has'nt even got lowered kerbs to get on and off.What we want is on road lanes where we can be on equal terms with all traffic, as we have as much right to use the road as anyone.

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    Andy Robson
    What about the percentage of the lanes here covered in broken glass, or shared with buses (like that's a good plan). At least the drivers tend to know what they're doing though and are actually awake.And while we're at it, does anyone here like translating Russian or analysing French magazines (no, not THAT sort!) cos I've some some scaryass final year coursework that's stopping me from riding (much).Jimbo - how about something to tie in the cycle theft round here too - not sure how, but the fact that I know two peeps in the last 2 weeks whose bikes have gone round here takes the piss - bike storage facilities? Or somehting about the roadworthiness of half the bikes round here (like your shed bike!) - I know we're meant to be encouraging cycling, but sometimes you wonder...

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    Pop into youu local halfrds and ask them about sustrains adn laugh as they try and regugetate some shit they read in a press statment. Sorry bad day at work.I dunno the cyclepaths in chelmsfords are OK but one on my way in has a sign saying dismount at kerb. why dont they think we can ride down a kerb and onto the road.ernie

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    Andy Robson
    I can't...But on the subject of stupid bike lanes, there's one near me with give way markings every 10-20 metres because of people's driveways and stuff. I like the 'cyclists dismount' signs you get on steep hills,... on the way down. I'm sure someone made a mistake there...

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