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    Cycling with a Cold

    So went out for a really nice ride in the chilterns of Thursday morning, and i was aware that i was catching a cold before i went, as my son had spent the last few day sending snot in my general direction, and i had a rough throat and the start coming on.
    but after beasting myself up and down hills, 26 kms with 800m climbing in 2 hours i then had to do a full day at work.
    well after that i developed a full on chest infection, May not have been my best move to be honest,
    Mucus should be green right?

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    Massive dumb ass

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    PLus the wife told me not to go. getting it in the neck now.

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    LOLing at Hans' pic

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    As a rule - if the infection is above the throat, carry as as you were. If it's below - at ease, soldier.

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    wise words Pimp

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    Wise Pimp, word.

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    Serge you probably have bad aids...

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    Now are you implying that i have been advised badly, or that a cold is actually a rather serious STD.

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