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Thread: Sad News

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    More Gears Than Sense
    I'm back from my Honeymoon!Arse!!!!!!!!The weather's shite and I am work.Woe is me!One good thing I get to ride my bike again.... a glimmer of hope, plus I get to chat to you guys again, how goes it with everyone?

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    Rev Lionel Dan-Blair(Dare)
    Not bad, did you bring crispin back with you?

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Crispin?Erm nope, who's Crispin, I forget it has been three weeks you know.I even forgot how the guy that works for me takes his coffee this morning when I was at Nero's. Doh!

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    wow, married life must be grand!

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    More Gears Than Sense
    How do u mean Arnold? If its with reference to my shite memory thats always been bad.Married life, hmm so far its the sames as being engaged, which I was for about 7 years!

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Married is fine,being back at work and in the UK with shite weather is not!

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    MGTS i meant that you should be basking in the glory of your newly hitched status and full of the joys of... erm, Autumn not saying 'bad news'. hope Mrs MGTS doesn't read this! it seems like you prefer the oddballs on the forum to yer missus.welcome back anyhoo.

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    Phatboy da silver Marmot
    MGTS, i have alot of sympathy for your predicament. I spent a month in France in the summer, only to have to come back to rainy England and it's pathetic excuses for 'mountains'. However, stick with it and you will grow to love it again....i still maintain that some of the descents in the Peak district are some of the finest i have ever encountered, if only the weather could be better...

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    dang, you typed quicker than me... clearly your keyboard has more gears than's monday, none of us are glad to be back at work, still, the weather isn't thet bad. it was 77 degrees on saturday! shorts in October.

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    Anne Brown
    Welcome back to the land of the almost living.

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Actually Phatboy I hope to be joining you on one of your SPERM rides, when the one with the broken coller bone is feeling better!Arnold, 77 degrees pah!Not bad for the UK but its Poo weather now.Mauritus mmmmmm, stop it you'll get with drawel symptoms.Hmmm typing is ard work to!

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    More Gears Than Sense
    Nice eyes Anne,blimey I go away for three weeks and you pull a trick like that, u couldn't have done it b4 i got married could ya ;o)

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    take it slow MGTS.c'mon, 77 degs in october in the UK... gotta be good. ok, not as toasty as Mauritius, but we had bikes we could ride!!you need coffee... i do.

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    graham roberts
    Hi Guys and girls, we are going to ride in the lakes this sunday,blea tarn and greenup edge, has anyone got any tips on this ride,

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    More Gears Than Sense
    erm nope, apart from most of its great riding. I wouldn't mind joining you but I have the last Simba race of the season to do!

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