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    Never start chasing them - I've tried twice. Once was the first one Strava told me I'd lost so I decided to get it back. The crash was quite spectacular according to the guy who offered to ring an ambulance!

    The other was a climb which we'd pootled up chatting & it turned out we were 2nd & 3rd on the leaderboard. Next time we rode it I absolutely wasted myself getting to the top but Strava didn't fekkin register it as being ridden
    Ha...yes, it's not really worth killing yourself for, is it? Hmm....

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    No it's not.

    Then again, there's always the 'virtual Armstrong' method.....

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    I like my strava. Not from a performance point of view against strangers but for my own performance.

    Having been so 'in & out' over the last couple of years its been good for me to see where i was at 12mths ago. I am using strava at the moment to measure my gains over even a 2-3wk period (.7mls per hour in less than a week).

    Another thing i found on last nights ride which may be an even better training tool is the ability to race against myself on my garmin. I went out with the intention of spinning the legs last night. Trouble is Hobo from Aug 2012 was riding with me and he beat me by 30 seconds over 17mls on a route i had saved. I put enough in that i walked in the house and spewed my guts up. Great fun :-)

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    Oh and i chased a KOM at the weekend. A tricky twisty downhill that my pal has the current KOM. He is a pussy so i cant understand how he has managed it.

    I tried on a damp day and ended up on the worng side of the road on a blind bend looking for a gap in the hedge on the opposite side of the road to dive through if a car was coming the other way. I had no chance of stopping.

    I will not be trying again......

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Littlest Hobo View Post

    Another thing i found on last nights ride which may be an even better training tool is the ability to race against myself on my garmin.
    Mine does that, but havenbt used it YET !

    I have only chased a time and that was on a MTB Trail, 3rd time along it. 1st time I was with a group of 12 so it was slow, 2nd time I fell off and Sunday I was stopped at the bottom of a steep ramp by someone out of their depth walking. I then couldnt get up the steep climb that followed so will have to go back.
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