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    burgtec offset shock bushings

    Thinking of fitting burgatec offset shock bushings to increase the head angle to try and make make my 2012 five a slightly more capable climber. I have two questions: 1. Will it work to a worthwhile amount. & 2. What other effects will it have on handling and geometry.

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    How much is the stated change in HA? It's a bit academic until we know that. Although I thought they slackened the geometry?

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    @Stan it's a 1 degree increase in HA

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    Presuming that you want to stop the front being too light and wandery then weighting the front is the best way to go.

    Expensive option - forks that plop to a shorter length just for the climbs.

    Cheaper option - flatter bars.

    Cheapest option - flip stem, increase shock pressure, or shift body position.

    My World Cup Black Box Revs have the shorter thingy available, but I always forget it's there and get my body position shifted - forward on the seat until I fear being violated by the nose of the saddle, and as low as possible at the front.

    Don't be one of those riders who adopt 'Riding Position #1' and never change it, where you put your weight has waaaay more effect than anything else on how your bike behaves.
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