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    Bedgebury short course racing calendar 2013

    Bedgebury Forest Cycle Club Go-Race Calendar 2013

    MTB Short Course Races

    All race meetings have the same Timetable. HQ is Club Training Area
    0930 Registration
    0935 Race Track available for Pre-ride after Registration
    10.40 U10 Duration 10 minutes Area Christmas Trees
    11.55 U12 Duration 15 Minutes Area Christmas Trees and Oak Plantation
    1120 Seniors/Juniors/Women/Veterans Duration 60 mins Area Full Circuit
    1130 Youth Under 16 Duration 40 mins Area Full Circuit
    1140 Juvenile Under 14 Duration 30 mins Full Circuit
    The Leader will receive the Bell so as to Finish as near as possible just over 60 minutes, all riders will receive the bell on this lap.
    The Race Distance will probably be 6 or 7 laps of the Full Circuit depending on conditions.

    Race Dates

    Sat 20th April
    Sat 18th May
    Sat 22nd June
    Sat 27th July Go-Race at usual times Go-Ride Races at 1400
    Sat 24th August
    Further Details from

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    Alice are these indivdual events of does it form a series?

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    Hi Stan, Yes it's a series, first one has already been done, sorry! but you could still do well if you did the next five as not everybody can always do every single one. You score points and they go towards a trophy at the end, no money but lots of fun, excellent training with a good course.

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