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    Suspension settings, do you adjust?

    So with the article of electronic suspension, how much do you use the settings on your forks and shocks,
    I am a fan of my lock out on both my bikes, my big bike i will always be using the travel adgust, between 150, 130 and 110. but my hardtail i tend not to adjust the travel and leave it at 120.
    my rear shock i never touch, mainly because the lock out was broken from day one and i have never had the money to get it repaired.

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    I flick the lock out lever on and off and kick my tyres before I ride, does that count?

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    Yes, yes it does.

    I'll use the pro-pedal on my FS but with regards to forks, once I get 'em how I want then they get left alone.

    Mind you, I'm trying to test the Scott Genius 710 - both for the silly wheel size & the LTD suspension gizmo.
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    Cumbria, not Yorkshire.
    Use the lock-out on the Scott quite a lot for smooth, flat stuff and steep, non technical climbs............................................ ...............then forget to unlock it until half way down rocky/rooty descents. :/

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    Used to have a fork that you could dial down the suspension and it would stiffen up, but as with LG, I'd always forget to turn it off until I was halfway down a descent, so quickly gave up. Don't the newer ones have an auto-off function if you take a big enough hit?

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    Trail bike gets left alone apart from the lockouts, the Anthem I soften off the forks for bridleway jaunts to reduce the jarring from baked in hoof-prints.

    Only alter the pressures though, once the initial fiddling/setup phase is done I tend to leave the compression and rebound well alone, and by altering both the + and - air the static sag stays about the same.

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