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    that you havn't worked it out yetafter all there was only about five of you on the thread, and I've ridden with two of you

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    Pimpmaster Jazz (but you can call me Dan)
    Give us a clue. I've never met Phatboy, so I'm guessing you would have ridden with either him or me.

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    you would be right then

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    Pimpmaster Jazz (but you can call me Dan)
    And the only person I've ridden with on that thread is AM, so it could well be me and him. BUT, the only time I have ridden with AM is with 14 other BMers. Sooo, that doesn't *really* narrow it down.

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    going shopping nowlater:-)(very good Holmes........very good)

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    Anne Brown
    could it be something to do with a snapped seat bolt?

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    Pimpmaster Jazz (but you can call me Dan)
    Aha!Anne my sweet, you may have hit the nail on the head!May I just say... No, I think you know already.

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    Anne Brown
    ahh you're so sweet...and no I'm not coming to work for you. ;-)

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    Pimpmaster Jazz (but you can call me Dan)

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    snapped seat bolt"of no relevance whatsoeverkeep trying pimpy"

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    PMJ - would you like to be spanner boy tomorrow or should I have the honour?

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