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    New front page classifieds


    Bike Magic now has a classifieds tab in the header on the front page and a section at the foot of the front page. You can buy and sell all your kit there and post up to four photos. It's a nice system and totally free to use.

    Of course, any feedback about it is welcome.

    Many thanks,


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    Its looks very nice, at last 1 up on STW

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    Glad you like it! Any niggles that come up (it's a brand new system so we're expecting a bit of 'fine tuning' to be needed at some point) please feel free to post them here or ideally leave a note with the tech folk here:

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    That looks good. Different categories are really useful.

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    New front page classifieds

    Looking for at least 18", preferably with like new tires. Please PM with pics and price thanksI am in stoney creek but can drive anywhere to pick them up around the GTA

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