Conditions are good at the moment! Hard pack and frozen ground. The rocks aren't slippery at all.

Just got back from the meeting with the council and legacy as well as architrail which will be revamping the course.

This is the the truthful trustworthy plan of hadleigh and no rumour. Everything will be staying apart from monument as this is built over a protected heritage site. All of the hard lines will be made so there is an obstacle for you to tackle before you get to it, so if you can't do the obstacle you can't get onto the line, say an awkward step of rocks at slow speed as an example. The rocks are are awkwardly placed, and are there to take you out which actually make no difference in riding the course will either be replaced or changed so they don't cause huge accidents.

The track will flow into the easy c lines at all times and those riders that wish to ride the harder lines will be forced to tackle the awkward line or obstacle into the more series of lines, A or B.
The easier lines which are in place now will be more bermed and smoother and generally a lot more fun to ride as it as built as a race track now and less of a trail centre.

So everyone can chill out with the fact that all of the awkward technical sections are staying. They might be a bit more challenging to get to but this should hopefully make it a bit safer for the riders that aren't up to those sections. It also means a lot more of an enjoyable ride if you just want to bomb round some flowy berms and stuff. All in all I'm very very excited for this, I'll hopefully be building with architrail too in my days off so expect some updates when building starts. It should hopefully be starting May time with all the paperwork that needs sorting.

There is also going to be black (current A lines), red, blue and even some green trails and extra sections added on to the loop. Also a pump track with tarmac berms, skills area etc as well as the cafe, toilets, showers, bike shop etc.

Finally a trail centre close to london and over the east side of the country!

We are running all the coaching led sessions on the course up until april/may time and booking is available through essex legacy website.