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    FS: 2008 Scott Scale 20 frame and Rockshox REBA WC forks

    This is a red/black Scott Scale frame from 2008. One of the lightest MTB frames you can buy! This is a Medium frame and weighs approximately 1 kg.
    This is made from the Scott HMF fibre, has an integrated headset (I will supply a Hope headset, Hope seatclamp, Woodman carbon fibre post and XTR E-Type mech for extra if required), and is super quick. I have happily raced on this for two yerars, but am now selling in order to fund a new ti 650b bike - £250.

    Got a 2008 Rockshox REBA World Cup for sale. These are the ones that have a carbon crown and carbon steerer tube. Very very light! I have recently serviced these and replaced seals and foam rings. They are in excellent condition with just some slight discolouration of the lower legs.
    An absolute bargain considering these cost £600 brand new. I will include a Poplock remote lockout with these as well and post for £25 in the UK - £200.

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    It'll never compare to the Pace, I loved that bike . The Scale is fantastic though - same weight but feels a lot more solid and direct. Not much imagination in choosing it I know, but it gets ridden, hard - and that's what it's all about . I still keep my eyes open for something retro, but haven't found it yet.

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