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    FS: 2008 Scott Scale 20 frame and Rockshox REBA WC forks

    This is a red/black Scott Scale frame from 2008. One of the lightest MTB frames you can buy! This is a Medium frame and weighs approximately 1 kg.
    This is made from the Scott HMF fibre, has an integrated headset (I will supply a Hope headset, Hope seatclamp, Woodman carbon fibre post and XTR E-Type mech for extra if required), and is super quick. I have happily raced on this for two yerars, but am now selling in order to fund a new ti 650b bike - 250.

    Got a 2008 Rockshox REBA World Cup for sale. These are the ones that have a carbon crown and carbon steerer tube. Very very light! I have recently serviced these and replaced seals and foam rings. They are in excellent condition with just some slight discolouration of the lower legs.
    An absolute bargain considering these cost 600 brand new. I will include a Poplock remote lockout with these as well and post for 25 in the UK - 200.

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    It'll never compare to the Pace, I loved that bike . The Scale is fantastic though - same weight but feels a lot more solid and direct. Not much imagination in choosing it I know, but it gets ridden, hard - and that's what it's all about . I still keep my eyes open for something retro, but haven't found it yet.

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