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    Antur Stiniog/Wales trip-18/19/20 Jan

    My mate and I are doing Antur Stiniog on 19th Jan if anyone fancies joining.
    For those who are unfamiliar with the name they're new downhill trails in Snowdon. Here are some details-

    Blue, Red and Black routes, uplifts for the day cost 26, FF must be worn on the tougher trails, very exposed so dress warm, subject to closure at short notice because of the weather. Refunds are given.

    we're doing Llandegla on the Fri and CYB on the way back Sunday.

    we're in a hotel which I got a deal on from KGB in Feb so you'll have to make you own arrangements or pay 200 for a room!!

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    Very cold, very hilly and very exposed, nice chip shop in Blaenau though, and fantastic scenery.

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    I'll have to pass on that one Sandy. Although I'm on holiday I am having to go to the Alps :-(

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