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    Stupid movies, ie just stupid things in plots

    So watched Mission Impossible 4,
    well i know its stupid but some key points.

    if you are setting off nuclear missiles, with only 3.5 minutes, why book your evil helecopter pick up for the other side of Mumbi, only having the possibility to reach it whilst running being chased by tom cruize?

    Also if as a secret agency, would you have a futureistic hybrid car, with all your computer interfaces etc, and then have it built by BMW with a big badge. at least bonds cars look normal,

    if you are going to blow up the kremlin, and its dificult to get in to get the secret documnets you require, how do you manage to get what appears to be tonnes of high explosive into the place as well.

    how come the techy wizard, who at one point is trying to reterminate LAN connections with his fingers, firstly the wires do not cut your fingers, secondly there is a very easy way of doing it and thirdly, why does he not even have a multi tool!!

    And lastly, if you are always sending your agents on some sort of time critical if you accept this mission type thing, would a pager system not be a good idea, instead of having agents drinking beer before they bother to pick up your special phone that is waiting for them, and what happens if they say no!!

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    Well thats ruined that then.

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    it was one of the greatest action films of all time. almost sublimely perfect!

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