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    Question Replacement fork for a 2005 Spesh FSR XC Pro

    I need to replace the front fork on my 2005 FSR XC Pro. The original 100mm Manitou Splice Elite has gone very sluggish, using less than half its travel, and they cannot be serviced. (All my local LBSs have them on a list of ones not serviceable.)

    - I am considering a Rockshox Reba RL (as now fitted to the Camber) - would this be suitable?
    - The Reba RL is available in 100mm & 120mm travel. If I fit the 120mm, how will this affect the bike (as it currently has a 100mm fork).
    - Is there any other forks that anybody can recommend as worth considering? My Budget is up to about 350.
    - Is there anything else that I need to be aware of?

    Any pointer gratefully received. I'm not well up on the pros and cons of fork options.



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    You could always try servicing them yourself first.
    Rebas are good, Recons aren't bad either. I wouldn't worry about 20mm.

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    As you can still get bits for the forks, I cant see why they are not servicable.
    They are only a coil and oil fork.

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