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    Jen I've seen you ride...I think I can safely say white is faster than red :-)

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    Yorkshire Dales, Gods County
    Underneath those pretty colours that bike is black, so fast yes very fast.

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    Jen I've got to recoup some money as I've seemingly just gone and bought a daft set of Hope XC6 wheels.

    I have a pair of Bontrager SSR's The ones that came on my <a href="<a href="">Trek</a>/"><a href="">Trek</a></a> Elite and Have hardly been riden...currently they are set up for ghetto tubeless but I can put rim tape back in....Will weigh them later if you're interested

    They are actually really quite heavier than I remembered :/ 850g+1100g
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    It's surprising how much difference tyres make - I've acquired a cheap pair of Nobby Nics, and they're so much lighter than the old tyres, and seem much easier to ride up hills
    The pretty shiny red qr skewers I've ordered will make a difference too.

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