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    New bike, help please

    Looking to change my 7 year old Specialized XC Pro
    got a budget no more than 2000 (preferably 1800)
    Seen a 2011 Stumpjumper comp for 400 off the MRP ie 1600
    also a 2012 Camber Expert for 1850 is in the mix and suggested by a a bike shop was a cube and Lapierre something or other

    Thought I would ask as sat here bored in the Arctic climate of Cheshire any help is appreciated
    thanks Phil

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    Camber Experts are good, mates got 1 seems to do it all.

    There all good and not really much in any bike these days, test ride them all, or just go for which ever 1 you think is prettier.


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    What do you want out of the new bike Phil? Or more importantly, what sort of riding do you want to do?

    Both good options you've listed, which you buy I think depends on the sort of riding you do and want to do

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