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    710mm USE Atom Wide Flattie carbon handlebar

    Too wide? Too narrow? What do people think of USE's new Wide Flattie carbon fibre handlebar?

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    My Local Bike shop got one of those when I ordered a new pair...I was in a hurry as the child needed feeding so we headed to Michael Caines for a coffee. I was pushing a pram and doubled up by holding it whilst pushing the pram..I noticed I clipped some clothes on the way out and I couldn't get through the door as normal, walking dow the street I was bumping into people I thought something was amiss but it was only when I sat down with my coffee and was mooning at the Carbon through the Orange fishnet that I realised they were massively wide, 'broomhandle' wide.

    They really are very wide...I think I even set up a thread should I keep the bars and try the new fad (I'm not a fan of £90 experiments) or get the normal 560mm bars I've been used to since 1993...I stayed with the traditional flat bars! As for the narrow atom they are a very nice handlebar, but they feel a little stiffer and less damped than EC70's.

    And you don't have to worry about crushing them with the Metal inserts in the end...Downside you have to modify your bar end plugs, I ended up cutting down a pair of ESI end caps only for them to fall out :-(

    If I find some 710mm alloy flat bars to try I might.

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    It appears to be missing this.....

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    The extra width should make it very easy to have the rider off when I go for a block pass, I'm all in favour

    All you have to do is start at the front of the grid and no-one could get past, is that the plan?

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