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    10 speed chains - to reuse a powerlink or not?

    So....I've got a new bike with 3x10 gearing and a KMC chain all of which i'm very pleased with. On my old 3x9 setup I would always run two chains changing after every other ride and regularly remove a chain to clean it especially in the winter. However many of the chain manufacturers state that the powerlinks should only be used once becoz of close tolerances etc and yet some powerlinks are sold as being for 'reuse'. I want to run two chains and clean them can some be reused but not others? has anyone reused a supposedly once-only one and had good/bad experience doing so? does anyone know what is the difference between the two types? can anyone offer any other info about this delicate little subject??? Thanks for your pearls of wisdom in advance!

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    I like to do the same, thankfully I'm on 9 speed stuff on the mountain bikes. The 10 speed chain on the road bike needed a firm press on the pedals to get the link to click so good luck getting the damn thing off let alone the reuse question... I don't see why it couldn't be reused, it's just a bit narrower than 9 speed (waits to be proved wrong).

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    I have the SRAM powerlink on 2 bikes with ten speed, i have broke them apart and reused several times with no problems, except they are bastards to undo a pair of long nose pliers is required. Or maybe buy the proper tool.
    BTW Nick well done :-)

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