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    What about the bike?

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    Message from the injured isn't good. He's practically severed his Patella so he's have knee reconstruction. Off the bike for 6 months at least, poor bloke.

    As for the bike. It seemed undamaged 'cept covered in claret. However, we struggle to get the back wheel out as it was stuck fast against the seat tube, yet was sitting in the dropouts nicely. Its as though the back end had been compressed. I hope its OK, as it's/was a very nice carbon Look...

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    The price for running out of talent on a road bike is just seems so high it's hardly worth taking the risk, I've already decided that I'm binning the winter bike this year, I just don't want to be on the roads with the psychos in the metal killing machines.

    In related news I had to take my nice bike up to the shop today as I just need to check something with the tech chaps...Riding a mountain bike, in Jeans, T-shirt and no helmet...I've never been given so much space on the road.

    So what is it about giving roadies 5cm passing space? It really can't be down to jealousy/hatred of my shiny tanned brown rock hard calves can it?

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