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    Win an Osprey 2012 calendar

    We’ve got 10 Osprey calendars to give away. Just answer this question:

    Q: What are you looking forward to most in the mountain bike world this year?

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    The summer, and particulary burying my front wheel in a long dry dusty berm at high speed and railing the exit*

    * I watched a Fort Bill vid yesterday, can you tell?

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    Getting Nobby Jr back out on the trails.

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    The potential of a road trip through france, following the TdF with the Megavalanche thrown in for good luck.

    Alternatively, a BM meet, with drinks, crashes, swearing, bacon, impatience and good times all round.

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    Looking forward to spending more time in the UK and my first season of mountain bike racing. Very interested to see how I do.

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