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    We've still got spaces on two training courses that are being run for women only. Both are taking place near Swindon. Saturday 25th June - introduction to mountain bikingSunday 21st August - trail riding skills

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    Thats a bit sexist isnt it? There's laws against that.How by the way Tom, did you get to attend?

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    It's something that we were asked to do by some women and it's been very successful. The aim is that once new riders build their confidence then they'll come out on our non-sexist rides and get involved with the club. How did I get to attend what?

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    U didnt mentioned the charges u would be taking for that. LOL is it free of cost?

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    Women only training sessions with MBSw

    The only multi that I know of that uses no niacinamide is AORs for this very reason.

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