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    So, despite a healthy amount of rain on Saturday morning, there was a fantastic turnout for the Demo Series at Bedgebury. Seemed like 29ers were getting a lot of attention, with many using the Demo Series as a good opportunity to try the big wheels out for the first time.If you headed to the Demo Series, tell us what bikes you rode, and what really impressed you the most.

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    Yeah, I was there - covered head to foot in the pasty mud! I haven't got that muddy for a long time, and now know why I use crud guards front & rear despite the fact my mates cringe at their un-coolness. Anyway:The Good: - Shimano XT 10 spd. Very impressed with the shifting precision. And I am a total 10 spd sceptic; in fact bring back 8 spd!  -  Trek Fuel EX9. That is a fast bike. Despite being single pivot and only 120mm it stood out to me from all the other bikes. Wasn't interested in the carbon, and by hand didn't feel that much different anyway. Roll on 2011 end of season sale!The bad:- The mud. I ride Epping normally (or the 'swamp' as it is currently known) so I know about mud, but it was bad! - The organisation, too much hanging around, not knowing what was happening, altho the Spesh boys were pretty good. I know it was busy, but may a board with which bikes were due when and a booking system would have helped?- Sram 2x10. I suppose you would get used to it, but the large chain ring isn't big enough, and the gap between it and the smaller ring is cavernous. I though the chain had fallen off when I shifted down onto it.- Press fit B/B. I'm still not buying the flannel about these. Especially since according to the guy at trek they are actually plastic cups! How does that work? With HTII we had to face the frame to ensure absolute clean square surfaces, but we are now banging in a plastic cup. Doesn't sound right to me.The Indifferent:- Spesh Camber. I was hoping this would be a bit of a revelation, given that is 120 with a 57mm stroke shock I thought would be great combination but it just felt like a heavy version of my 08 stumpy. - The new Stumpy. Rode well, I liked it (apart from the SRAM), but wouldn't buy due to the specific customised yoke/rear shock. I have had too many rear shocks fail on me, so always have a spare in the boot / shed to avoid downtime and this wouldn't be possible with the stumpy unit. I hope this doesn't sound too negative, because I would like to give big credit to all three manufacturers for putting out some of their finest gear in such atrocious conditions and letting us lot give it a good thrashing!

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    End of Season sale on EX9's is unlikely, they have almost sold out already (only 6 x 17.5" and 6 x 18.5" left atm),  more due April but that's the last lot then thats it. EX8's are down to 25 in black with a small handlful in MArch then thats it for 2011! Got more of the Sepia colour though.

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    Bedgebury did you ride

    Whom did you vote for and why?In the case where two answers apply, go with the one that was the stronger influence in your choice.

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