View Full Version : Black Friday

Milton the Sausage
18-12-09, 17:28
I have a case of Malbec and a couple of gallons of chilli reducing on the hob. I will not be mingling with the British underclass on the streets tonight thank you.

Dirty Karlos
18-12-09, 17:37
Nice one, got me a bottle of Cono Sur Merlot, it has a picture of a bicycle on the front which is nice too.

18-12-09, 17:51
I have a pack of nurofen and a bottle of lucozade

Milton the Sausage
18-12-09, 17:52
Nice. Anything special planned scran-wise?

Dirty Karlos
18-12-09, 17:57
Aye, just had Thai red chicken curry with wild rice, pak choi and green beans.

Milton the Sausage
18-12-09, 18:00

Mister Bump
18-12-09, 18:01
Just Special Brew and a Pot Noodle here.

Dirty Karlos
18-12-09, 18:03
Just watching Michael Palin, Sahara. Might have a piss in the snow later.Enjoy your tea.

Dirty Karlos
18-12-09, 18:03
Mister Bump wrote (see)Just Special Brew and a Pot Noodle here.You filthy bastard.

Mister Bump
18-12-09, 18:13
LOL, not really.  I have no booze

19-12-09, 00:57
I'm w**king tonight, and although I'm only a week into my now job I seem to be lacking motivation to work on a Saturday night!

Adam Evans - Tree basher
20-12-09, 16:13
Black Friday in Cardiff was not a pretty sight! Was my works doo so couldn't really avoid it!