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Milton the Sausage
04-12-09, 13:43
Great so far, my wife insists on making me breakfast every day. Sex is better too.Cue tales of marriage woe from bitter old farts... .

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
04-12-09, 13:58
Its cheaper to buy breakfast from tesco cafe every morning and have sex with hookers.

Milton the Sausage
04-12-09, 14:06
PMSL* LOL* etc* Not really

04-12-09, 14:07
You won't get breakfast and sex in bed in the morning that way though Monkey - thank you for this morning Mrs G. And even at German prices I'm not sure I could afford enough hookers.

Mister Bump
04-12-09, 14:09
Sounds great Owls.  Congratulations.

Lord Greenville
04-12-09, 14:34
Good afternoon, an old fart here. Not bitter, though, even after *counts* er, 27yrs ,Lady G is still wonderful.

Dirty Karlos
04-12-09, 14:44
9 years here and I still get my breakfast made for me, and my shirts ironed and she is always up for nookie. Can't complain at all really.

04-12-09, 15:09
Sounds like you two are very compatible Make sure you treat her well and give as much as she does and you'll both be happyEnjoy.................

04-12-09, 15:12
married life is great, got in from a cold muddy ride to the smell of spag bowl, crusty bread and a glass of chianti

Dirty Karlos
04-12-09, 15:35
fava beans?

04-12-09, 16:30
33 Years today.

04-12-09, 17:47

04-12-09, 17:59
I thank you Gav, we went for a rideover here ate out at lunch [cyclist cafe] and now of to here.

Jen J
04-12-09, 18:39
Bitter old fart here...actually...IGMC

quintessential Quin
04-12-09, 19:03
Gargantuan sex fest 2010.

Dirty Karlos
04-12-09, 19:04
Orangutan sex fest 2010.

04-12-09, 20:24
After making my own breakfast, lunch and dinner, ironing my own clothes, and putting the kids to bed while she got ready to go out, I mentioned to the wife that some people on here might be getting a better deal out of their marriages. Didn't go down too well

Jen J
04-12-09, 20:30
And why shouldn't you do all those things yourself Alx?  I'm sure you're just as capable as your wife is.

quintessential Quin
04-12-09, 20:32

Jen J
04-12-09, 20:34
And don't you look at me like that quinny - you know it's true!

04-12-09, 20:37
Mrs Nobby rarely cooks owt but that don't matter - nearly 12 years & loving every minute of it.  

04-12-09, 20:38
I come on here to escape being nagged Jen!

Dirty Karlos
04-12-09, 20:43
Hmm...stand up to her man!

04-12-09, 20:46
She has a man?

Jen J
04-12-09, 20:48
Not nagging Alx, just pointing out that there's no reason why you shouldn't cook and iron

04-12-09, 21:01
I'm quite happy doing things like domestic chores for myself but some things she does much better than me.

04-12-09, 21:01
Jen J wrote (see)Not nagging Alx, just pointing out that there's no reason why you shouldn't cook and iron You're doing it again

Jen J
04-12-09, 21:03
Sorry Alx - I'll stop now

Sadbloke, missing for a while
04-12-09, 21:03
Whats this marrige you speak of,Is this the stage before the divorce,

quintessential Quin
04-12-09, 21:13
Jen J wrote (see)Sorry Alx - I'll stop now You all say that and then start up again 10 miutes later.

04-12-09, 23:43
Jen J wrote (see)Not nagging Alx, just pointing out that there's a reason why you shouldn't cook and iron Because women can get closer to the stove and ironing board

05-12-09, 21:36
The secret is. Only let the missus into the kitchen to clean it. Unless you are living with/married to Nigella alwson!