View Full Version : On-One for men with big balls

Dan (has a pink gimp)
14-09-01, 08:25
check out the front page of the on-one website, you know the addess, http://www.on-one.co.ukdan

Dave Carlson
14-09-01, 08:28
That's minging.

jon wyatt
14-09-01, 08:43
I wondered how long it would be before brant put his picture up there.

Dan (has a pink gimp)
14-09-01, 08:48
ok he's changed it now, but this is even funnierDan

jon wyatt
14-09-01, 09:08
lol!even I can get the thing off the ground with ease and I'm shit.

Dan (has a pink gimp)
14-09-01, 09:16
jon you got a url link to your bike ??dan

Ancient Mariner
14-09-01, 09:32
Riding a web page. That's way cooler than surfing the net.

Dan (has a limp prick)
14-09-01, 09:39
brant and dan sitting in a tree K I S S I N Gthe one thing u do not have dan is balls i heard the girlz in scunny call u micro worm and the fishermen try t use your cick as bait but the fish cant see itDan(gle)

Kevin Hargreaves
14-09-01, 10:14
Brant, was that picture taken at Dera?

jon wyatt
14-09-01, 10:17
I've given you this link about three times, can I suggest you put it in your favourites before you start masturbating.Favourites, then beat

Dan (has a pink gimp)
14-09-01, 11:00
still got the i-drive frame ??ill swop you for a set of X317 CD on Hope XCDan

jon wyatt
14-09-01, 11:05
really?It needs a fair bit of attention you know.... and possibly a new rear shock.....

Dan (has a pink gimp)
14-09-01, 11:07
yes reallywhich model is it ?does it need new bearings or pivots or b/b area sorting,

David Brown
14-09-01, 11:14
Nice Gimp you got there Jon

brant@ on-one.co.uk
14-09-01, 11:16
He keeps it in his shed

David Brown
14-09-01, 11:18
Chained up I hope ?

brant@ on-one.co.uk
14-09-01, 11:19
I need to write an email to jamie@base-bikes.com... but I'm not sure what to put... any ideas, or perhaps some of you lot could send something.I just think it's a bit bad form slagging off other peoples kit like that.

David Brown
14-09-01, 11:20
How about offering to write a review on the Base Bike?After all he kindly reviewed the Gimp...

Dan (Imposters are a disease)
14-09-01, 11:22
ooooo you may make mR Crud unhappyi bet he's well pissed off anyway having to ride the heap of shit around, thats enough punishment as it is, forever on a base Bike lolDan

jon wyatt
14-09-01, 12:51
It's chained up heavily. I leave the wife's bike and my scott free loose in the shed so any toerags who break in will hopefully leave the inbred and gimp alone and take the shitty geared bikes. It goes without saying that they'll completely ignore the road bike.Dan - '99 XCR 2000. Probably needs some new i-drive bearings, maybe new shells too. Main swing arm bearings OK I think.It's got a brand new dogbone and bolts in though. Got some new bushes for the shock too which works but leaks air, possibly needs new seals.

Dan (Imposters are a disease)
14-09-01, 13:13
jon,ok i will have a think and get back to you, ok ?last thing, in its current state does it all actually work ? albeit poorlyDan

jon wyatt
14-09-01, 13:32
Last thing I ever did on it was ride round calderdale. Never actually managed to engage the granny ring (bent mech I think)but I rode about 20 miles and had a good time. Since then it's been in the shed corner.