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Jeff H
15-03-09, 20:06
well i got made redundant last monday after only 17months into a job only to have the machines i was running filled by a lying Pole, a pole that had been at the company less than a year and that had lied to get the job by saying he could set cnc lathes when he couldnt (i set it everytime in the 11 months he was there ) but at the end of the day he was cheaper to employ by a measely £1 an hour. now im not bitter, im very bitter, even though it wasnt a well paid job, at the end of the day it was a job and paid my bills, now ive got nowt  coming in and im having to sell stuff just to make ends meet (anyone want a cygolite hid for £50 barely used?)  best bit is the boss is a Labour (british jobs for british workers) councellor.  im going to sign on tomorrow seeing as i wanted a week off and had some stuff to do for my folks but im really really worried about getting a job that will pay what i need to cover my outlays, more worried than i dare admit to the wife.

The Littlest Hobo
15-03-09, 20:16
Sorry to hear that Jeff.Hopefully the guy will be found out to be lacking in his required skills and they will come back begging.Good luck on the job front

Sadbloke, missing for a while
15-03-09, 20:21
Jeff, vent your spleen , why not, its this fuck you society , thats caused numerous good people to loose their jobs, and great british companies to close .I really feel for your loss, when i was made redundant many years ago, for the first time, my so called workmates said they would fight to keep my job, the unions agreed last in first out, a chap who could have retired , said hed be lonely at home , so he was kept on for another year, and then retired, instead iof him going early and me staying.As for finances have a chat with a close mate or somebody else, then TALK to the wife as shes part of the household and she needs to understand your hurt, and the consequences.Best of luck.

Jen J
15-03-09, 20:23
Aaw Jeff that's really bad news.   As SB says, make sure you talk to your wife, she'll help you get through this.  All the best with the job hunt.

15-03-09, 20:29
That's a crappy thing to happen Jeff. I was facing a similar situation not that long ago and the look of fear on my wife's face (from not knowing how we were going to make ends meet) is something I will never forget.

15-03-09, 20:31
That really is shite Jeff - hope things work out for you.  Agree with t'others, talk to the Mrs before it becomes a problem.I'd also have a chat with the C.A.B. to see whether taking them to a tribunal is a goer - the reason this kind of thing happens so much is because we do nowt about it. If you are sure the Polish fella lied & does not have the capabilities he claims then you really ought to shout about it.Writing to your local MP might stick one up the boss too.

Jeff H
15-03-09, 20:33
thanks all, the mrs is fully aware of the finance side its the total lack of local engineering jobs i think she will struggle to comprehend and engineering is all i know unfortunately!

serge the seal of death
15-03-09, 21:59
where in the UK are you?

Dirty Karlos
15-03-09, 22:00
Holy crap, that sucks.Good luck Jeff. Can you use Autocad or similar?

Jeff H
15-03-09, 22:03
im in the north east, never used cad of any description unfortunately, could learn though

Dirty Karlos
15-03-09, 22:06
Ah, I just wondered with you setting the CNC, I know a lot of them can be CAD based. It might be worth getting on a CAD course when you can, as there is generally a fair bit of work for CAD operators, some of it well paid contract stuff. Your engineering knowledge would stand you in good stead and the work can cover more sectors. I know it's not a quick fix but maybe something to consider the way engineering is going.

Jeff H
15-03-09, 22:15
hmmm, wonder if the local college do cad courses unless of course you have to be unemployed for 6 months!

15-03-09, 22:21
engineering is all i knowYou can type and string a grammatically correct sentence together for a start. I'd like to bet you have other skills you haven't thought of too. I put a suit on and walked into a temp agency to see if they could come up with anything when I had a few weeks to kill in the UK and a shortage of cash. They asked if I could type and use a computer and when I replied positively gave me something to type up. The same afternoon I started updating and correcting a data base at the Mormon church. There are always jobs that nobody wants to do and if you're prepared to do them.......I dug the foundations for a building on another occasion because there wasn't access for a digger. :-/

Dirty Karlos
15-03-09, 22:25
Yikes, I was a builder's laourer for a while too, in between jobs.*shudders*It payed the bills. It's true what John says though there are always jobs and you are a skilled worker, which is more than a lot of folk. And remember a lot of employers are more interested in the right person, sometimes more so than experience to some extent. Keep positive and good luck. Apply for anything, you can only try!

Sadbloke, missing for a while
15-03-09, 22:30

Jeff H
15-03-09, 22:34
john, ill give you an example of a job i was told about 2 weeks ago,  4 jobs were going at a cardboard box factory, 2 of those were for friends of the boss, 2000 people applied for the jobs.

15-03-09, 22:53
I'm not saying it's going to be easy, I'm just encouraging you to try for things outside of your field. I job hunted in 82 when there were three million unemployed so I've a good idea of what you're up against. I've played the temping game a few times and it's a relatively easy game to play. The agency wants someone presentable (a good suit is bullshit but it really does baffle brains), polite, enthusiastic, punctual and versatile. Be all those and relevant experience takes a back seat. Employers don't want more staff right now but if someone goes missing they need willing hands fast and without commitment - they phone the temp agency. You might just fit the bill.

Jeff H
15-03-09, 23:03
back in `82 there were 3 million brits unemployed (did anyone know a pole  back then?) , now in good ol 09 we are probably looking at 5-6 million unemployed if you take into account all the foreign workers thatll work for nowt, the country has changed and definately not for the better. most of the manufacturing has gone abroad .

15-03-09, 23:15
I hear there is a shortage of plumbers and skilled labour in Poland, emigrate? I think I've already said my father-in-law is Polish. The world has changed not just the UK. A high proportion of the regulars on this site are ex-pats or immigrants "stealing" jobs from locals in foreign lands. You can't beat a system but you can play it to the best of your ability.

15-03-09, 23:24
In yesterdays daily mail it stated that there is a 144% increase in people claiming benfits in my local town. Now we've just advertised 3 positions take away one that is skilled the other two had only about 20 applicants between them of these at least two thirds didn't speak english as there first language. I wouldn't have said there was that many foreign people in the area but there obviously is. There is work as said above if you look for it. 18 months ago I was made redundant took a huge pay cut to tide me over and today got a large pay rise, i'm still on less than half what i was 2 years ago, but money isn't everything.

Jeff H
15-03-09, 23:34
luke, sorry but to me and the mrs money  IS everything, she got shit on by her ex and things have got steadily worse, i seriously can not afford to take a pay cut, in 1998 i made 25k, ive been made redundant 3 times since and my last job i was only on £7.50 an hour and that barely paid enough to pay off the loan and the morgage.

15-03-09, 23:38
You aren't going to like the question but how much equity is there in the house? Don't answer but think about it. A house cuts your mobility and reduces your objectivity.

Jeff H
15-03-09, 23:45
not that much to  be honest john,  its a 3 bed street house in a north east town with an average value of about 100k mines about 30k less i would imagine and the way the prices are going its getting less and less all the time, its the loan thats the problem but thats private.

16-03-09, 00:31
Until yesterday morning I was on £6.25 an hour, and the hours I work each week have been up and down been 24-42 hrs a week, that has to cover all the bills for a family of 4(admittedly we do get tax credits and a little extra income for another source). 

If it aint broke, don't fix it, just rip it apart and see how it works! AKA Andy
16-03-09, 00:57
Jeff H wrote (see)hmmm, wonder if the local college do cad courses unless of course you have to be unemployed for 6 months!No you dont. i am in the same boat as you Jeff the Joke Center put me throught the motions and i got my Fork lift Truck licence 2 weeks ago... been out of work 3 months on the 18th There is Fook all about either semi skilled or pro if your in the NE call into the local Conexions office and see what they can do....

16-03-09, 06:38
You could try addeco. They are recruiting for orange at the minute. I know it's a call centre but it pays the bills.North east town full of poles. Not consett is it?

Ming the Merciless, destroy all robots!
16-03-09, 07:55
Look on the Network Rail website, we usually have plenty of vacancies, it might be shovelling ballast on nights but it pays OK with plenty of room to move up the food chain if your willing.Either that or you could go and work in a projects department where it seems all you have to do is talk a good installation and you get paid telephone numbers 

serge the seal of death
16-03-09, 08:59
http://www.ukaea.org.uk/about/jobs/job-culham_engineers.shtmlbased in oxfordshire i am afraid, can not find anyones for up north, i assume they use contractors, may be worth while signing up as a contractor with some of the large agencys. the scottish nuclear people are always reqruiting but it is the arse end of nowhere!

BHB 10.6.6
16-03-09, 09:17
Yep I got some bad news but good news of sorts, after finishing a number of pojects they have cut me from the 9-5 in the office to one day in the office and then being fed work on a pay per item basis. Good if I can get the work coming through but shit if I don't.So I'm torn between just going out and getting another job...(of which there a few and far between without moving to bristol) or trying to find other freelance work...meh.But I am considering a vast career change which wil involve lots of training and the like to become a youth worker. Exciting times ahead!

serge the seal of death
16-03-09, 09:18
check outhttp://www.securityclearedjobs.com/index.aspif there is nothing suitable look at the contracting companies and contact them, asking how you get on there books. if you have 40% of the skills required then apply, look to become a manager or engineer, often its only common sense and the mind set to spot the problems and solve them. all these jobs are UK national only so competition is lower, also if you will work away from home just as its a job then some of the bad locations become viable, often they have accomadation.

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
16-03-09, 09:27
If it aint broke, don't fix it, just rip it apart and see how it works! AKA Andy wrote (see)Jeff H wrote (see)hmmm, wonder if the local college do cad courses unless of course you have to be unemployed for 6 months!No you dont. i am in the same boat as you Jeff the Joke Center put me throught the motions and i got my Fork lift Truck licence 2 weeks ago... been out of work 3 months on the 18th There is Fook all about either semi skilled or pro if your in the NE call into the local Conexions office and see what they can do....If the college is funded by the Learning Skills Council, then if you are in receipt of a means tested benefit then you will not have to pay for your course, provided the course has a learning outcome that is recognised and funded by the LSC.

serge the seal of death
16-03-09, 09:51
as an alternative look at doing the city and guilds in Fiber optic installation.if the government does this new deal thing then a massive section will be the installation of fiber to the home and a new fiber system for the UK.

serge the seal of death
16-03-09, 09:55
personally i would keep away from CAD, its hard to pick up and difficult to find employment. most places teach AUTO CAD as this is one poeple can pick up and learn. but lots on idustry is now going to solid edge and CATIA,(SPL) which is wholely 3D based and very different to Auto Cad. if you do not have experiance, mostly people are taken on as cad technicians, and paid badly until they prove them selves as designers and that there CAD work is actually worth anything.

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
16-03-09, 09:56
I am happy to pass on the weekly jobs bulletin from the company I work for, to anyone who wants it, PM me an email address and I will forward it on. They employ people all over the UK and Europe so there may be something of interest, even if its a long shot.

16-03-09, 14:51
"But I am considering a vast career change which wil involve lots of training and the like to become a youth worker. "Thats what I did two years ago Billy. It was very hard, I earn less than half what I did, no company car etc. But by cutting back at home and doing as many jobs as I can I its been possible.From being an IT Manager I'm now.Early Intervention worker (trying to stop good kids offending) Work on domestic violence programmes Train social workers in child protection stuff. I still keep my hand in at IT as I also work on several large databases (social care type stuff) PM me if you want any hints..

BHB 10.6.6
16-03-09, 15:04
Cheers bob the missus works for connexions working with the less desirables she's picked up on some stuff that rings a giant ringing bell in my career head...why I'm not even bothered about potentially being made redundant.It's big scary jump thats for sure!

16-03-09, 16:43
My advice Jeff would be (based on relevant experience) to not let yourself get down and not to wait for things to happen.If it means taking your ladder and bucket and chamois around the streets, knocking on doors and cleaning windows for £5-10 a time, it will beat watching daytime TV, keep some money coming in and boost your self esteem.It is easy to spiral down into depression very quickly so you need to out and at em!Sure it's tough, but the only limitation is what you accept.  Best of luck......you never know where these things lead!

BHB 10.6.6
17-03-09, 11:18
I've got "the meeting" now, I've not even worked out a price for my freelance stuff...I just have lost the will to work for this arsehole now.

Dan : /
17-03-09, 11:35
Morning Jeff, sorry to hear about that mate . It's worth considering what you can turn your hand to you know. As John says, you're more than likely to be able to get some temp work involving typing / computers if you sell yourself in the right way. I know it can be worrying moving out of your comfort zone -  I completed my Masters degree in IT, couldn't find work and then ended up earning minimum wage working in Threshers for 2.5 yrs - now that really is depressing - 2 Science Degrees and £5.15 an hour Anyhoo, despite the general feeling of doom and gloom, there really still is work out there (albeit perhaps not much in engineering / manufacturing).

Dan : /
17-03-09, 11:36
oh, good luck with it all Sim...

BHB 10.6.6
17-03-09, 16:39
Right:2-day weeks and working from home on a paid per project as expected....just need to fix a price now and thats another 4-6months work.Not sure how I feel about it but it's a good enough offer so long as I get the work share through frequently enough.Cheers Dan!

Lord Greenville
17-03-09, 21:41
MGO's eaten all the feckin' flapjack!!

Mike! :)
17-03-09, 21:56
there's 50p left on our electric meter, everyone else is out, and i paid last time.Balls.

17-03-09, 22:16
Best log off then Mike

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
18-03-09, 10:37
Mr Ridcully was made redundant yesterday.

Lord Greenville
18-03-09, 11:06
Sorry to hear that Mustrum, darling. Is he OK?

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
18-03-09, 11:22
No. He's been off work for the last month with severe depression and stress, and now he's had the body blow of redundancy. Made all the worse by the fact that he's not well enough to get up and go out finding another job.Fuck knows what we're going to do

Mister Bump
18-03-09, 11:29
Change your name to something Eastern European sounding and live off the state.

BHB 10.6.6
18-03-09, 11:32
Sorry to hear that Mustrum...things will get better I'm sure

Lord Greenville
18-03-09, 11:36
Total bummer, Mustrum. *wonders where the long hair, headband and beads came from* What sort of work does/did he do?

The Littlest Hobo
18-03-09, 11:38
Sorry to hear that Mustrum.

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
18-03-09, 11:47
CAD draughtsman for a structural engineering company.

18-03-09, 12:13
That's shit news MR, hope you get something sorted. Regards to the Wolf too.

Lord Greenville
18-03-09, 12:33
The Grand High Archchancellor wrote (see)CAD draughtsman for a structural engineering company.Hmm, not going to be a lot of that about, short term. Might be worth looking at the local NHS web pages. Won't be what he's used to but there are all sorts of jobs that would tide y'all over until sommat suitable comes along.