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Martin Harrison
12-09-01, 11:02
There seems to be a lot of talk elsewhere on this forum about the politics surrounding yesterdays terrible events in the USA, and even more about the appropriateness" or otherwise of certain peoples reactions to said events. I don't want ot get involved in these debates, if for no other reason than because they are so utterly insignificant in the face of what has happened.What I do want to do is to offer my profound sympathies to any Americans who use this site, and to anyone who has friends or relatives out there who may have been affected directly or indirectly by this horrific tragedy. I know its not much of a gesture, but its all I can really say. If anyone wants to join me in this, please post here."

Dave Carlson
12-09-01, 11:08
I'll second that. I would like to offer my condolances to everyone touched by this tragedy.

Kevin Hargreaves
12-09-01, 11:14
My prays go out to everyone who has been affected by this terrible tragedy.

Yank in the netherlands
12-09-01, 11:52
Thanks to all you brits that offer their sympathy For the Americans. I can take a fair bit of slagging from foreigners, but Dirty Dan, you are a complete and utter twat. Please come say these things to any american's face, so they can commence whipping your ass, rather than from your safe, cozy keyboard. If you want to knock american foreign policy, that's great. I'd love to pack up and go home and let Europe sort kosovo, bosnia, macedonia, africa, and the middle east.

Pimp M. Jazz esq.
12-09-01, 12:18
You're walking a fine line there my friend...However, I can but offer all my sympathy to any Americans reading this.

Roy Brooks
12-09-01, 12:38

Diane ...
12-09-01, 12:45
I also wish to offer my sympathy and condolances to everyone out there who has been affected by this. I am shocked and disgusted that these terrorists can hold innocent lives in such disregard. They cannot be human.

Superlight Tone
12-09-01, 13:04
I cried when I first heard what was happening, and cried when I saw the horror on tv..My crying has stopped, but all of my thoughts go out to those who still are..

jonathan mimnagh
12-09-01, 21:45
Words can't express the feelings that I experienced yesterday, and today. What happened has gone beyond terrorism into the inhumane. To the passenegers and aircrew, the office workers, the kids in creches, the firemen, police and paramedics, rest in peace.To the families and people whose lives have been destroyed, God bless.

Steve Monks
12-09-01, 22:38
I still struggle to accept that this utter abhorition took place. Both my wife and I cannot bear to watch the news footage. I cannot find the words to express my emotions. I don't think there are any words.So senseless. God will care for you.