View Full Version : Now he's racing in Ireland

Roger Rogue
24-02-09, 11:45
He's racing more now he's "retired" than he did when he was competing.

Nick Evans
24-02-09, 13:10
Well to be fair, he's formally announced he's come out of retirement, he did pretty much disappear from the race scene for 4 years or so.

Roger Rogue
24-02-09, 14:11
Aah, but when he was racing he'd do the Amstel Gold, a couple of other one day races then train for the tour, hardly the same level of events as the rest of the field.

Nick Evans
24-02-09, 14:15
I think he's setting himself up to not win the tour. If he came back and was as meticulous as before, but didn't win, he'd (or I would) be gutted. By coming back and doing all these events to promote Livestrong he's covering his back. Also leaves Astana open to making the best choice for the team with Contador too.

Derek Hunter
24-02-09, 15:59
I agree with Nick. I think he'll have a semi-serious go at the Giro, but I reckon we'll see Lance supporting Contador in the Tour.