View Full Version : cool, Fusion and culham now on facebook

serge the seal of death
27-01-09, 16:17
some of you may remember i was asking for feelings on fusion info etc on pages like facebook, this is now available, go to facebook and search for UKAEA and you will find our new fusion page.

Trevor Olling
27-01-09, 16:43
"fusion page" is that like a web 2.0 mashup?

BHB 10.6.6
27-01-09, 16:49
I don't get it?

Mike! :)
27-01-09, 17:06
a few weeks ago, he asked about your opinions on fusion.a few people suggested it needs to become more well knownand now there's a facebook page dedicated to it

27-01-09, 19:31
Mike - now part of the Plain English Campaign