View Full Version : What DO women do with time?

Mister Bump
24-01-09, 11:54
When I left the GF she was just about to get in the shower and then she would ring me and we would go shopping for baby stuff.  I walked home, had a bath, did some laundry, tidied around, wasted time on the internet and still no phone call.  What do they do with time?  Are they living on a different parallel where a minute to me is 10 seconds to them?  It is a mystery to me and I think it always will be.

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
24-01-09, 12:52
where you have the concept right, for you its ten minutes and for them its 1 second. 

Jen J
24-01-09, 13:05
But not all women - I reckon I'm better than most at getting ready to go out quickly.  I remember the time I showered washed and dried hair, did make-up and was in a taxi witihn 20 minutes (well it was a last minute date with a young handsome bloke)

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
24-01-09, 13:11
I believe they need the time to plan how they are going to spend "our" money.

24-01-09, 13:28
my Mrs can stretch a 10 min trip to tesco express to a good hour.

Mike S
24-01-09, 14:09
Klunk wrote (see)my Mrs can stretch a 10 min trip to tesco express to a good hour.I agree, the queues there can be awful.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
24-01-09, 21:01
The Man, they live in a paralell universe that only they know the key, so they go in the supermarket for 1 pint of milk and come out with enough food for the farmer who milked the cow and his family, also some clothes for him as well, because they couldnt possibly nedd any more clothes could they.The 9 months waiting for the baby man will seem like a long weekend to them , so enjoy the wait.

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
26-01-09, 09:26

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
26-01-09, 09:56
You want to know what we're doing?We are taking time away from the inconsiderate oaf who is stressing us out!!!