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serge the seal of death
16-01-09, 21:26
where can i get some decent cord style trousers, normally buy north face ones but been let down by bicester village. I ONLY HAVE A SINGLE PAIR OF WORK TROUSERS NOW, HELP ME!!!!!!

serge the seal of death
16-01-09, 21:27
sorry thats one pair left without holes in the knees

Jen J
16-01-09, 21:28
I could lend you a nice skirt, would that help??

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
16-01-09, 21:34

serge the seal of death
16-01-09, 21:42
what colour is the skirt??thing is normally my trousers last ages, but being on the floor with a 16 month old toddler has killed all the knees. my last but one pair went this evening, and my jeans all have tears that have been restiched, i have just got a promotion at work, so normally wear combat style cords as they are warm and were hardwearing, but only have a single pair now, and they are to long in the leg really!

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
16-01-09, 21:45
Combat style cords!!!I'm guessing they don't promote on the basis of sartorial elegance.

serge the seal of death
16-01-09, 21:49
there north face ones and grey. i like them, more cargo style then combat.anyway no as i am the youngest in the group at 30 and not a scientist i can get away with more, they just wear anything they like with sandels and socks!

quintessential Quin
16-01-09, 22:02
Millets?Blacks?T.K.Maxx?Top Man?

Jen J
16-01-09, 22:05
The only skirt I posess is dark green!! And cords + floor + toddler don't mix.  I remember wearing out lots of trousers like that!

Mike! :)
16-01-09, 22:33
Oh man, this afternoon i was sat in my room, in my armchair with my feet up.i had 3 of my housemates and one house friend also sat in my room...i later discovered a hole in my jeans... and my pink topman underwear certainly couldn't have helped...

Tim - base phase
17-01-09, 21:07
howies ?

Jen J
17-01-09, 21:13
Pink, Mike???  Only a real man could wear pink undies *thinks - not sure I'd actually want to see a man wearing pink pants *