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Roger Rogue
09-12-08, 09:10
Do you need internet access for i-tunes to operate the aforementioned mp3 player?

BHB 10.6.6
09-12-08, 09:13
Nope but unless you have it on a memory stick you need the interweb to download iTunes...oh and for iTunes to get album and song names info

Nick Evans
09-12-08, 10:00
What he said.Sure you can download iTunes onto a memory stick and install on the relevant computer though? Didn't realise anyone was still without t'interweb.

BHB 10.6.6
09-12-08, 10:03
Yeah of course you can download the programme and install it on any machine, just wont get the updates etc, but that wouldn't be a problem on a "music computer" quite a few people I know do this have an old machine just chocked full of MP3's and use a newer nicer computer for the rest of their work etc

Roger Rogue
09-12-08, 10:38
Didn't realise anyone was still without t'interweb. We haven't even got a BT landline - it's great as ma-in-law won't ring us on mobiles unless it's an emergency.

Trevor Olling
09-12-08, 11:39
Ummmm. My iPod needed activating on t'internet via iTunes the first time. After that no, you dont need t'interweb.

09-12-08, 12:49
Was that registration Trevor? They ask you to register for the warranty but you can do that over the phone or not at all. AFAIK the only ones you need to activate are the iPod touch & the iPhone.

Trevor Olling
09-12-08, 13:45
It is an iTouch jobbie.

Roger Rogue
09-12-08, 14:12
That's ok, she's getting a shuffle!!!

Free Wheelin Franklin
09-12-08, 14:14
Five knuckle?

Roger Rogue
09-12-08, 14:21
If I'm lucky.