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30-10-08, 17:26
Just bought a new internal card reader fitted it in place. Had a problem when I went to wire it up though! The plug on the end of the card reader looks like this but the usb on my motherboard has the pins configured to fit a plug with the holes like this!Anyone know what I can do?

30-10-08, 17:29
What motherboard ?

30-10-08, 17:33
Erm, it's in a Dell Dimension 5150

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
30-10-08, 17:48
(the original) SkoolShoes wrote (see)Erm, it's in a Dell Dimension 5150 says it all really....

30-10-08, 18:00
The connector you have in the pic for the reader looks like the std one for connecting extra usb ports in a pc case, Dell motherboards depending on model should have a connector for 2USB ports on back of pc case and possibly 2 further ports on fron of case, your connector should hook up to whichever one you don't mind dropping the current usb off or being Dell the tight wads may only have fitted 1 connector for a pair of usb ports - in which case you are shafted... 

Benji M
30-10-08, 19:00
Shoulda got an akasa all in one! The dogs danglies ^_^

30-10-08, 19:04
This may be of use, I would look at changing the cable for one that fits

30-10-08, 19:30
Yer, I know where it's supposed to go! It's just that the interfaces are completely different. The only option I have is to rewire the wires in the correct place onto a new connector. Fook that, I'll use an external usb card reader instead Cheers lads

30-10-08, 19:35
Do what I had to do when fitting similiar [MSI motherboard and an evesham case] just cut the connector into 3 and obliteate the blanking holer.