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27-10-08, 13:01
Holly or... Fern...My vote goes to Holly..

Mister Bump
27-10-08, 13:04
Fearne everytime.  She looks like the kind of girl who would drink you under the table then take you home for the night of your life.

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
27-10-08, 13:05
No contest its got to be Holly mmmmm....

27-10-08, 13:09
Fearn gets my vote too, Holly's just a top-heavy moose in comparison.

Mister Bump
27-10-08, 13:12

Mister Bump
27-10-08, 13:14

27-10-08, 13:16
Although id poke fern, i've never been a big fan,lol.  That Holly though... bring her on..

27-10-08, 13:18
Holly.Fearn needs shooting and also has very little sexual appeal, I just don't get the fuss. She is rather self absorbed too.

Mister Bump
27-10-08, 13:20
In the picture MSP has posted Holly looks like a proper pig face.  I would boff her but it would be lights out or from behind only.

27-10-08, 13:24

27-10-08, 13:25
It isn't a very flattering image granted.She ain't some wonder woman mind, but worth a poke and has an endearing quality to her, if her personality was drastically different (ie a bit of an arse like fearn) she'd be a no too.

27-10-08, 13:27
That makes her look like billy feckin piper! (also overrated, but also worth a quick punt, so long as she didn't talk too much.)

BHB 10.6.6
27-10-08, 15:06
I liked the sound of fearne before I saw a picture of her...

Arnold Brocklethwaite Jones
27-10-08, 15:10
I prefer Fern

27-10-08, 15:23
yay, nice pic

27-10-08, 15:31
Both.. then find somewhere secluded to hide the bodies

Adam Evans - Tree basher
27-10-08, 18:05
lol @ Demonix.I'm in the Fern camp though, just something not right about Holly.