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01-10-08, 12:58
But cant find anyone else I know who uses it.How usefull is that

quintessential Quin
01-10-08, 13:03
As usefull as tits on a man.

Dirty Karlos
01-10-08, 13:10
I'm on it, I use my webcam too LOL!!It's good but no fcuker uses it.

01-10-08, 13:58
quinny wrote (see)As usefull as tits on a man.I have them for filling out my teeshirt

Mike S
01-10-08, 14:01
Is Skype like a phone for tight bastards?

quintessential Quin
01-10-08, 14:17
We use it for international calls.With the web cam it adds that extra dimension and yes in this current climate I am a tight bastard.

Mike S
01-10-08, 14:31
Does it have any advantages over MSN Messenger?

quintessential Quin
01-10-08, 14:57
We have been on Skype for a few years and have never had a bad connection like used to have on MSN with poor sound and sometimes losing the line.Its all good imo.Plus most people we know are now on it.

01-10-08, 16:09
I've used up my free call to a number out of Skype ande they didn't answer

john pardo
01-10-08, 17:43
I have Skype but only used it a couple of times in the last 3 years.