View Full Version : HEY LOOK!

Dirty Karlos
15-09-08, 18:25
It's nearly dark out and it's only 19:25hrs.How depressing.

Mike S
15-09-08, 18:27
It's still light down here.

Dirty Karlos
15-09-08, 18:29
Damn you southerns with your extra daylight hours!!   *shakes fist*

Adam Evans - Tree basher
15-09-08, 18:38
I've just had to come back from the shop with the car lights on. The evenings are certainly drawing in. It'll be christmas before we know it!

15-09-08, 18:45
It's mostly quite dark here now but that would appear to be due to the fekkin great black cloud overhead   My lights are getting their first charge in a long while tonight in case Wednesdays ride gets delayed.

BHB 10.6.6
15-09-08, 18:51
Yeah it's getting dark Down in Devon now, but then again not a cloud in the sky by the seaside

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
15-09-08, 18:51
Was outside just bleeding a mates brakes and thinking the same   We are in the rapidly decreasing area aswell so it's getting worse quickly Good job i like riding at night hey

15-09-08, 19:38
Still sunny here, i'm out the back sipping a cocktail 

Jen J
15-09-08, 19:41
Well if it's dark, it must be bed time!  Trouble is it'll still be dark when I get up at 6am

Sadbloke, missing for a while
15-09-08, 20:09
eithe rput another 50 p in the meter, orswitch the light on, tight arse.

Jen J
15-09-08, 20:34
Sadbloke, but only in a cyberphysical way. wrote (see)eithe rput another 50 p in the meter, orswitch the light on, tight arse.I can go to bed if i want to  I've had a busy day! 

15-09-08, 20:40
There are advantages to living only 43° North. 90 - 43 - 23 = 24°The sun reaches 24° in the sky even on the winter solstice down here. For Kidderminster it's 15°.

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
15-09-08, 20:45
What time is it light and dark there then John ??  Well worst case on that day!!

Jen J
15-09-08, 20:46
And I very rarely see the sun in Manchester

15-09-08, 20:49
We gain about 45 minutes at each end of the day in winter and lose as much in summer. The main difference though is that the sun is bright and warm in the middle of the day whereas in the UK it's a dingy sort of light as the rays fight obliquely through lots of atmosphere.

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
15-09-08, 20:53
I rarely wake up before it's dark normally Better than nothing John,  so dark @5pm then!!

15-09-08, 20:56
Your still north of the magic number of 40 degrees where the Jet stream is supposed to stop at in winter

treacle wheels
16-09-08, 11:43
 Yep, it's that horrible time of year again. Renewed all the batteries in my bike lights this weekend. also saw my first F-cking Christmas tree in the local garden centre on sunday too!

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
16-09-08, 12:00
Don't mention the C word man

Dirty Karlos
28-09-08, 18:39
It's pitch black

28-09-08, 18:41
*looks outside*Is it?  I can't see a thing.