View Full Version : is formula 1 racist?

Jeff H
07-09-08, 17:41
anyone watch the race? bloody exciting last 3 laps ok Hamilton ended up straightlining the chicane on the 2nd last lap but he let kimi back through  then took him again. now if i remember correctly Hamilton was penalised 10 grid places for gaining an advantage by straightlining a chicane earlier in the season and not letting the guy he had passed back through. there is no consistency with the fia do something one race and get penalised, do something then correct it and STILL get penalised stinks, is it because of mclaren or because Hamilton is the only black driver.  you choose!  (i know which way im thinking!!)

07-09-08, 17:46
no, but it's very pro ferrari.

Montgomery Wick
07-09-08, 17:49
You lost me at the bit where you said a Formual One race was 'exciting'. You are clearly a deluded fool.

Kato !
07-09-08, 18:05
Not because he's blackEveryone knows FIA stands for Ferrari International Aidthe bias will always be to the red cars and it's a farce.  

Jeff H
07-09-08, 18:05
u never saw the last 3 laps when everyone was falling off the track i take it when it was raining? class! watched Heidfelds on car cam for the last lap and he was awesome on the inters, overtaking everywhere. i stand by my original racist comment though and not pro ferrari, klunk. its about time it was said.

Adam Evans - Tree basher
07-09-08, 18:12
I watched the whole race and thought the end was very exciting. The McLaren always drives better in the damp on dry tyres. The FIA is notorious for being inconsistent isn't it? Don't think it is anything to do with Hamilton's race.

07-09-08, 18:15
So, did they penalise him for it happening again even though he let the driver in question back through then took him fairly?I'm really not sure about racist (you're not the same person who posted on STW about mountain biking being racist are you? lol) but it is TOTALLY biased towards Ferrari.

rock lobster
07-09-08, 18:34
today's race was the best I've seen for years and just what the sport needs to keep people interested and  the fecking stupid idiots go and make a stupid decision like they have

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
07-09-08, 19:32
How could the FIA be racist with Mosley still in charge, he was obviously brought up in an enviroment of expressed equality.nazi themed orgy anyone?

Dr Dolittle the pedalling chinchilla
07-09-08, 19:36
Its not racist, just Ferrarist. Bernie Eccle$tone is trying to market F1 to the developing world - far from being biased against a black driver he would rather like to see drivers of every colour and nation on the grid. It means more viewers and hence more money. But at the same time, the draw F1 has over say Indy is that it has Ferrari. So its important the red cars are doing well to maintain the sales. Of course it is true Max Mosleys dad was a nazi, and whilst he might deny it I doubt Max's views are any less right wing, but as long as the real power remains with Bernie, and Bernie needs to sell F1 to Africa, it can't afford bias against a black man. 

The crazy world of Monkey Space Pilot
07-09-08, 19:49
I doubt Africa is a target market for Eccleston, their is no Money there, and that is what interests him. While he is obviously courting the middle east and asia, Hamilton could potentially a hindrance in those markets, they can be quite racist.

07-09-08, 20:12
This pretty much sums up the Ferrari bias in F1 - if it had been the other way around there'd have been no action taken (we've seen it happen before)Clicky

Goaty-Death Facilitator.....
07-09-08, 20:15
Doesn't matter what it's pro and anti, it's still shite.....

Mike S
07-09-08, 21:41
I enjoyed some of the race and the end was fantastic, the actions of the FIA a couple of hours later didn't detract from what I watched.

07-09-08, 21:48
I think the FIA have been inspired by the Olympic judges.

07-09-08, 21:52
According to a radio programme I heard earlier the stewards investigation was into the overtaking manoeuvres and both Hamilton & Raikonnen were cleared - t'was only when someone from Ferrari asked about cutting the corner of the Bus Stop did it come under scrutiny.  McLaren have lodged an appeal on the basis that the rules were not broken in that he did it to avoid a collision and did not gain track advantage because of it.  Bet your arse it won't help 'em though.

Mike S
07-09-08, 21:55
When was the last time someone won an appeal?

07-09-08, 21:57

Stephanos Wephanos
08-09-08, 07:48
What!!!?? Overtaking!!!??  in a Grand Prix!!?? I thought that stopped some time in the 80's.

08-09-08, 08:24
Yes Stevey, I can confirm, a car passed another! I was shocked to find myself enjoying it well, for the last 2 laps anyway. Just shows that to make it interesting they need to random it up a bit. More wet tracks with dry tyres please.Very borderline that decision - hammy obviously backed off a little after cutting the corner, but he was clever to position himself just right so he was in the slipstream before the next corner, ready to overtake.

BHB 10.6.6
08-09-08, 09:24
Weight penalties and reverse grid orders are needed.

08-09-08, 09:28
F1 is not about the skill of the driver, its about the car and the the commercialism behind it.Best cars + Best drivers = BORINGRecipe for a good F1 race would be to prep the cars then draw lots as to which car you drive. 

08-09-08, 09:35
yeah XC, normally I just think they should put the engines on a dyno and decide it that way.Good to see some skill yesterday, out of their comfort zone, made it interesting for once

08-09-08, 09:44
Ban team radios as well, most of the time the drivers are told "You've done enough take it easy on the engine" etc Without it the competitivness of the drivers that was on show yesterday would be more evident

BHB 10.6.6
08-09-08, 09:50
draw lots as to which car you drive. That's a recipe for death.

08-09-08, 09:53
Black Heart Billy* wrote (see)draw lots as to which car you drive. That's a recipe for death. So it would make it interesting

Roger Rogue
08-09-08, 09:57
Ban all the aerodynamic aids, make tyres slicks, ban telemetry - pit to car radio's - pit stops optional.

BHB 10.6.6
08-09-08, 09:59
Ban all the aerodynamic aids, make tyres slicks, ban telemetryWhy? all the technical developments in F1 trickle down to the average mondeo on the road eventually.

Roger Rogue
08-09-08, 10:09
The amount of aerodynamic aids on the f1 cars are a joke.  Atm there are extra little wings appearing/disappearing on every track as seems fit, if you only have the usual front and rear spoilers the cars should be able to get a better draft and enable closer racing, more overtaking manouvres.

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
08-09-08, 10:16
The Car is part of F1 if you want driver skill but lower speeds then isn't that Formula 2000 or something with all the identical cars atleast pretty much.Remove all restrictions and fit machine guns!! DEATH RACE

Dirty Karlos
08-09-08, 11:09
They are banning a lot of the aero stuff next year and going back to slicks I think.

Mike S
08-09-08, 12:21
"F1 is not about the skill of the driver, its about the car and the the commercialism behind it. Best cars + Best drivers = BORINGRecipe for a good F1 race would be to prep the cars then draw lots as to which car you drive."So first you point out why F1 is bad, then you suggest changing it so that none of the teams would have any reason to compete  

XC Whippet
08-09-08, 15:53
Ban the followingAll electronics apart from an emergency pit to car radio. No fancy steering wheels with more buttons than the drivers use especially them bloody awful pit lane restrictors.All extra areo mods. Front and rear wing and a clean line in between. Possible restrict the amount of adjustment avaialble on those.Non manual gearboxes and clutches.Also consider removing safety features on track such a run off area that can be used without slowing the cars down. Ala Copse at Silverstone.I'd like to see bloody big concrete walls lining the circuits and a simple rule that if you are seen to push/force or otherwise cause another driver to hit the wall then thats the season over for you.  Far too many top racers can only drive on one line and without consideration to other cars around them. They all end up pushing each other off. Anyone who watches the Ginetta racing will see that 14yrs can drive side by side for several laps without pushing each other off. If they can, why the hell can't F1 or Touring drivers.Surely the best driver is the one that can drive in all conditions without causing an off? 

Kato !
08-09-08, 16:11
Next year any aero between the front wing and the rear wing is banned.The cars will be widerThe front wing will be wider and lowerThere will be moveable aero on the front wing, controlled by the driver The rear wing will be narrower and tallerThe distance between the wing and the diffuser will increase Slick tyresNo tyre warmers

Mike S
08-09-08, 17:32
I'm liking the last two.  Maybe make them all use 160mm brakes also?

Kato !
08-09-08, 18:04
2009 F1 regsfrom the horses mouth so to speak

XC Whippet
08-09-08, 18:07
Cars wider, emm more over taking ??? More changable stuff by the driver, ffs. Slicks are back, excellent.160 discs, deep breath and walks away. Hope made some for a BMW Mini to rally a few years ago.Anyway back to the topic, I hope Maclaren win thee appeal. Maybe Lewis should have backed off a little more than 6mph?

Mike S
08-09-08, 18:09
I think that's the issue the FIA have XC, although Lewis let him back past he still gained an advantage from leaving the track.  I can't see him winning the appeal.

XC Whippet
08-09-08, 18:16
Mike You're probably right, however it would leave a bitter taste. Ferrari get off scot free after nearly destroying two cars in the pit and Lewis gets penalised for being pushed off the circuit by a Ferrari. I wonder if Ferrari would have raised the issue if Massa was out/could not win/beat Lewis ?

Kato !
08-09-08, 19:57
Did you see the GP2 race?  Bruno Senna was released into the path of another car in the pits, a carbon copy of the Massa incident, and he got a penalty for it

08-09-08, 20:00
But he wasn't driving a Ferrari was he?

Kato !
08-09-08, 20:35
Which is my point!

08-09-08, 20:42
And mine - sorry forgot my