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Roger Rogue
07-07-08, 08:28

X Commie
07-07-08, 08:53
404 Page not found.Pecis please.

X Commie
07-07-08, 08:55

Mister Khomenni
07-07-08, 09:18
The BBC will probably end up misusing even more of our licence fees in order to keep the programme going.I think the anti-green, anti-cycling  and pro car lobby is entitled to a voice on TV, but not at the sort of cost they're proposing. 

07-07-08, 09:24
Must make a note not to watch Top Gear again, fed up of all the greedy bstards that are currently fcuking up the world.Roll on the revolution. 

quintessential Quin
07-07-08, 09:36
Theres going to be a revolution?What,where,when?Its to wet for that XC man.Wake me when its over please.

07-07-08, 09:40
There is a revolution its a Bike

07-07-08, 09:41
Would it really make that much of a difference if Hammond and may fucked off?... I doubt it. 

07-07-08, 09:43
What, Jonafthan Woss earns £6 million a year. How the bloody hell? He is not that funny and has a lisp

quintessential Quin
07-07-08, 09:43
XCman "Black Stumpy" wrote (see)There is a revolution its a Bike I just hope we dont do all our revolutionising up to many hills

07-07-08, 09:49
My HT has 64 revolutions on it 

07-07-08, 09:57
I'm not concerned about Hammond and May leaving - they've both tried to launch careers elsewhere but come back when it wasn't quite as successful as they'd hoped.Perhaps if the BBC stopped pouring stupid amounts of money into its' website (36 Million OVERSPEND last year) they'd be able to offer their presenters a 'decent' wage.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
07-07-08, 16:30
Without any of them it would not be the same show, its the non politically correct banter thats s o good to watch, sadly the cars sometimes get in the way.Anyone else notice in last night challenge there was an AA car carrier hiding behing the hedges a few times also a silver rangerrover as wel.

Sadbloke, missing for a while
07-07-08, 16:32
Get rid of woss and graham norton, norton is funny but over paid, in my humble opinion, and that means sod all.

07-07-08, 16:42
Worth every penny , best show on telly IMHO , and ross,s radio shows damn good as well.