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Dirty Karlos
03-06-08, 09:48
Just trying to renew my quote for insurance, you'd think they would have had enough experience with the floods last year and informed their staff accordingly as to the procedures n'stuff.Just speaking to a lad who obviously hasn't got a grasp of the English language (he is English though, not foreign).He just said to me 'has any rem-rem-ed- sorry I can't pronounce this', do you mean Remedial work, I said!!*bangs head on desk*

Dirty Karlos
03-06-08, 09:51
Any insurance type folk on here, I need to speak to someone with a brain?

03-06-08, 09:52
Maybe Karlos - But you can't have both.

03-06-08, 09:53
Sorry Nobby!

Dirty Karlos
03-06-08, 09:54

03-06-08, 09:59
I dont see how taking the piss out of someone with a speech impediment will help you DK....

BHB 10.6.6
03-06-08, 10:03
Yep DL are wankers, a lady friend of mine was quoted for the car being lowered with big rims...when the schedules came through they weren't covered.twunks 

03-06-08, 10:25
Slidey Arry (steel is real) wrote (see)Maybe Karlos - But you can't have both.Correct. Slidey Arry (steel is real) wrote (see)Sorry Nobby!Why? 

Dirty Karlos
03-06-08, 10:55
Finally managed to get covered, did pretty well TBH. Cheaper than last year despite been flooded and I even got my bikes insured, result!Halifax btw 

If it aint broke, don't fix it, just rip it apart and see how it works! AKA Andy
03-06-08, 16:51
Bob All those moments will be lost in time Bullet wrote (see)I dont see how taking the piss out of someone with a speech impediment will help you DK....I cant see how this can be classed as a speach impediment more like a lack of reading ability/ vocabulary.

03-06-08, 17:15
For my sins, I'm a qualified insurance broker.If you've changed insurer at this renewal (I seem to recall you said you were with NU on the other thread) then make damn sure that the full particulars of the claim have been disclosed to the new insurer.  They'll either send you a proposal form to complete or a statement of fact to check for accuracy along with your documents.  I know you will have told them on the phone about the detail but make sure that the papers reflect what you said.  The call will be recorded, but if it hangs them, you'll bet the recording gets lost.