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02-06-08, 18:32
So I went and signed up to be considered for the Santa Cruz Bikes Hell Ride this year because... well... because I enjoy suffering on a bike I guess.I knew the chances were slim of getting picked and then went and injured myself so training went out of the window.This morning I opened my inbox to find this:So now I'm trying to decide whether I've got any chance in hell of being strong enough to ride it and if my leg will be strong enough to ride on in this kind of event.Injuries suck. Dammit.

serge the seal of death
02-06-08, 18:41
how much of a head start do you get??

serge the seal of death
02-06-08, 18:44
it does sound very cool though!! any chance you could get chased by the lady, who knows what may happen in the remote mountains when she catches you!!

02-06-08, 18:51
In previous years it's been a 30 minute headstart but I've no idea what it's likely to be this year. Chased by the lady who's more into bikes then blokes? Hmmm... I'm pretty confident that my 'honour' would be safe if she caught me lol. 

serge the seal of death
02-06-08, 18:53
thinking missy grove are we? 30 minutes is nothing, their is no way i could keep ahaid, just the speed they would do the climbs in would catch me within 2 hours!

02-06-08, 19:01
Awww Missy was a sweetheart. I was gutted when it turned out she was into the Ladies.I don't know what kind of pace the woman is capable of but Mark is an absolute maniac on the bike - there's no way on earth I could expect to stay away from him for the whole ride. Next year though, I'll be ready. And I'll beat 'im. Grrrr.Or not.