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serge the seal of death
02-05-08, 15:37
Just walked past me in the corridor!

BHB 10.6.6
02-05-08, 15:40
he's a legend! where do you work?

Sadbloke, missing for a while
02-05-08, 16:26
RESPECT to you , hes the man, some say hes modeled on my good self, without my lack of hair.

Xenu The galactic roola of the confederacy
02-05-08, 16:29
James may?the top gear bloke?a legend, lmao.... James May

Adam Evans - Tree basher
02-05-08, 17:46
Definitely a legend.

02-05-08, 18:03
The only Top Gear presenter I haven't got a doll full of pins for. May and his Brompton.

Dirty Karlos
02-05-08, 18:16
He's just a southern ponce isn't he?I don't see the attraction.

02-05-08, 19:25
Nice article.Who would buy a Porsch bike???????You can see the arguments; Orange 5, 'Dale, spesh Endouro........ no a Porsch, that will blow them away on the trails........ 

Sadbloke, missing for a while
02-05-08, 21:01
He's just a southern ponce isn't he?inteligent , polite, well spoken, chatty, knowledgeable, rides a bike, drives a rolls royce and fiat panda, swears rarely,the voice of reason, drives slowly,tolerant of other road users, collects kids toys, and trains, has a bus licence,a pilots licence,all my attributes.Enough said

02-05-08, 21:52
got stuffed by dan atherton or was it gee?

02-05-08, 21:58
He's a foot........ he's a leg-end........ IGMC

02-05-08, 22:02
what 12 inches?

02-05-08, 22:03
No a troll silly 

02-05-08, 22:07
like shrek?

02-05-08, 22:19
Shreks an OGRE! *tut tut* Serge - where the flinkin' blip do you work to have James May walking past you?I saw Jezza going sideways down a country road in a Dodge Viper souped up thingy once YEARS ago. Nice bloke actually. Lives in my old town (from when I was a baby).I like the Hamster bestest.And no. I'm not gay lol 

02-05-08, 22:25
dont you call shrek names.whats he done to you?

02-05-08, 22:41
Aside from the use of a Scots accent for a big green swamp dwelling monster?Nowt. I like Shrek, it's one of my nicknames  Buggerit. I used another smiley 

02-05-08, 22:51

serge the seal of death
04-05-08, 21:20
i work at Jet, the european fusion research reactor, He was filming a new show.I said to him, "you don't normally work here"and he said"no i have got a new job"

Mister Khomenni
06-05-08, 10:31
I prefer Hammond

06-05-08, 10:48
i work at Jet, the european fusion research reactorIs that as cool as it sounds?

Milton the Sausage
06-05-08, 10:59