View Full Version : Goaty?

Bobby Charlton
19-02-08, 09:56
I want to show you something.

Mustrum Ridcully - Kicking Against The Pricks
19-02-08, 10:05
*mind boggles*

Bobby Charlton
19-02-08, 10:14
http://www.chiswickw4.com/default.asp?section=community&link=http://nnet-server.com/server/app/forum/default.asp?site=1The above only takes you to a forum.  Look at the thread "BA 038 - New Theory".  Claims a sophisticated military remote control bomb jammer brought down the jet at Heathrow last month.

19-02-08, 10:39
PM in Jumbo cock up

simon l 2
19-02-08, 11:50
or jumbo cock up pm

Goaty-Death Facilitator.....
19-02-08, 17:29
Curious how a jammer can interfere with The DECU and the engines FADEC system as they're hardwired in the system.....

Hungry monkey 'now with custom graphics'
19-02-08, 18:21
my dad reckons it could be one of those very few times where a mobile being used on the plane actually did something. he's not working on that particular case, but its the field he's involved in. other than that, he reckons it could be some sort of jamming thing, and that Brown had a bloody lucky escape! he said it wouldn't be the fuel running out, as the engines stopped at exactly the same time, and the fuel is not stored in one tank etc. as he said though, he's not involved with the investgation.