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14-02-08, 11:25

Dan(Ignored...what a shame)
14-02-08, 11:26
bum chocolate

Stephanos Wephanos
14-02-08, 11:27
Do you get that when you're busy coco shunting Dan?

Dan(Ignored...what a shame)
14-02-08, 11:28
You want pictures?

Dirty Karlos
14-02-08, 11:29
I know which is worst, Hershey's.

Stephanos Wephanos
14-02-08, 11:31
Seriously though, this.It is truly the best you can get.

Dan(Ignored...what a shame)
14-02-08, 11:31
more fool you for eating that yanky crap!*Waits for our oh so convincing American troll to turn up*

14-02-08, 11:34

Milton the Sausage
14-02-08, 11:44
Green and Blacks - dark, almond, cherry, butterscotch

14-02-08, 11:46
Why have chocolate when you can have beer.. choco is the comfort food for birds...

Mister Khomenni
14-02-08, 11:49
I best like Galaxy to be honest, good nose and a richness in the after taste.  Cadbury's wins on texture, but it's too sweet.Toblerone is good, but I fear teeth damage due to it's hardness.Hershey is terrible, I second that.   

Mac Attack
14-02-08, 12:17
Black Magic?

Mike S
14-02-08, 12:18
Montezumas Chocolate, yummy.

Blarn E Stone
14-02-08, 12:23
Juliette Binoche

Dan(Ignored...what a shame)
14-02-08, 12:25
bloody pretencious crap......whats wrong with a Kit Kat!

Mike S
14-02-08, 12:30
Err, a Kit Kat is a wafer biscuit.

14-02-08, 12:38
Bourneville Dark or Galaxy.  Wife likes Green & Blacks 70% dark but I reckon it's too crumbly and bitter.

Not A Salmon
14-02-08, 12:46

Dr. Eddie
14-02-08, 12:47
Green and Blacks used to do a Dark Milk Chocolate, somewhere between milk and dark chocolate, just that extra bit chocolatty without the bitterness of dark, was absolutely lovely. That would probably get a vote from me, or Marabou - top notch stuff

14-02-08, 12:49
Lindt 70%.

Roger Rogue
14-02-08, 12:49
Cadbury's Dairy Milk with a mug of tea.

Stephanos Wephanos
14-02-08, 13:00
Huh! You philistines with non proper british chocolate!

Dan(Ignored...what a shame)
14-02-08, 13:11
Diary Milk Tiffin!!........ive never seen that before.......good job or id be the size of Dylan!

14-02-08, 16:19
Lindt 70% and Toblerone - yes, Galaxy - for an emergency quick fixBut have you tried Nestle's 'Heaven'? hmmm...Glad you mentioned Juliette Binoche, Mr Stone

14-02-08, 17:22
Not A Salmon wrote (see)ORRip Off.

Kato !
14-02-08, 17:24
I like Green & Blacks Maya Gold

XC Whippet
14-02-08, 17:38
I'm bit of a snob when it comes to chocolate. Charbonel and Walker drinking, £15 a tub. Member of Hotel Chocolat and get a box delivered at £17 every few months. If I need a hit Greene and Blacks 70% is pretty high on the list. Whitards Chocolate coated expresso beans are bloody good.

Fraz Hussain
15-02-08, 00:05
Like a group of weed smokers who got the munchies LOLGalaxy, or Guylian (both are quite strong though so only eat a little)

15-02-08, 00:13
I've just eaten a bar of Green & Blacks Organic Dark 85% - which was nice.

Monkey Trick
15-02-08, 01:09
I recently tried a bar of 100% from Hotel Chocolat. It was a bit too dry and bitter for me, even though I like espresso and Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale (as bitter as they come). It's really intense.Some of the best I've had came from Hirsinger in Arbois, Franche Comté (www.chocolat-hirsinger.com). Shonky website, ace chocs.

Errrmmm Yesss ( Dyl, 69ers still ROCK )
15-02-08, 02:11
You lot have turned chocolate gay Galaxy Caramel pls,  don't get sweeter than that!!

Licko 77
15-02-08, 11:08
Mars bar, preferably king size.  The only mans chocolate.  Leave the poncey Green & Blacks to the ladies!

Dirty Karlos
15-02-08, 11:12
I had some Green & Blacks last night, luckily for me the health shop sells it. Did I mention I don't use supermarkets anymore?

15-02-08, 11:17
One peice of cadburys Bournville back to back with one piece of Dairy milk, suck em till they melt away to nothing.

Eddy B
15-02-08, 11:20
Chili Chocolate is the future!

Dirty Karlos
15-02-08, 11:22

Eddy B
15-02-08, 12:08
It's weird, but its like Wasabe nuts and those chocolate covered pretzels, weird and should be wrong, but I just like themYou gotta try Wasabe nuts

Stephanos Wephanos
15-02-08, 13:12
I've had that chilli chocolate, speciallity of the basque region in france.  It's kinda nice in a funny way.  Still for the best chocolate in the world go here...

15-02-08, 14:19
And where is that exactly?

Stephanos Wephanos
15-02-08, 14:26
Pierre Marcolini, quite possibly the best chocolatier in the world, everything form fancy pants pralines to simple single bars of 70% smooth chocolate.  I've not tasted better anywhere.

15-02-08, 14:30
Doesn't look like they have a shop in the UK though.. 

Eddy B
15-02-08, 14:31
You gotta love Belgium.ChocolateBeerFritesMoulesSpring Classics Cyclo CrossMotocrossjust about anything cool in the world is at its best in Belgium

15-02-08, 14:33
Yeah, BUT it's flat!and it's a BIG 'BUT'

Stephanos Wephanos
15-02-08, 14:36
Not as flat as you think..., the highest point in the Ardennes is 690m above sea level, in fact the Ardennes is between 350m to 650m in elevation and is quite hilly, OK it's not the Alps but it's as high as parts of the UK.  Look it up if you don't believe me.

Eddy B
15-02-08, 14:36
The Ardennes is a similar topography to Southern Bohemiaso its not all flat.

15-02-08, 14:40
I think you would find that southern Bohemia is in fact much much hillierand the beer is much much betterand one doesn't need to mention motocross, does one..

Eddy B
15-02-08, 14:56
Duval, LeffeStefan EvertsMarnicq BervoetsEric GeboersJoel SmetsvGambrinus, Budvar, Jaroslav Falta Martin MichekJirka Bittnerits quite a shoot out but not my decision as to which is best, they all have their merits

Eddy B
15-02-08, 15:02
For the English corner I'd put;Taylors Landlord, Black SheepDavid ThorpeKurt NicollJeff SmithAnd the Yorkshire Dales

15-02-08, 15:03
Eddy, it looks like you are a bit bored at work..go home