View Full Version : Txt from my mam

07-02-08, 13:02
My mum just sent me this:Are you available to come to a charity pancake competition tonight?the organisers have the pans and the ingredients, they just need a tosser...It was sent on tuesday but only now it came through as my phones been off

Mister Bump
07-02-08, 13:07
Well she was certainly texting a tosser.

07-02-08, 13:09
I heard she also txt it to you...

Mister Bump
07-02-08, 13:13
She is not allowed to text me anymore after I got the injunction out to stop her stalking me.

Dirty Karlos
07-02-08, 13:21
Same here.

Dan(Ignored...what a shame)
07-02-08, 13:42
......i shot my batter all over your mum DONG........wouldnt be able to make pancakes out of it though.....well not really.

07-02-08, 13:45
Thats ok dan i had to use the flour to find your mothers wet spot.....

Dirty Karlos
07-02-08, 13:52

Caley Brown 2
07-02-08, 15:46

Sadbloke, missing for a while
07-02-08, 16:44
SO wrong and yet so funny.

07-02-08, 16:46
A bit like life

07-02-08, 19:33
and when you found it was it wet? Or dry like a un-lubed cat flap?

Caley Brown 2
07-02-08, 19:51
getting even worse.....